Learning About Central Air Conditioners

We love our Alberta summers, but the hot weather can cause some stifling temperatures inside the house. A central air conditioning system can keep your home cool, so when you’re ready to come inside from the great outdoors, you’ll be perfectly comfortable.

Air Central Inc. in Edmonton offers sales and installation of central air conditioners. These energy efficient units are designed to use your current duct system to cool the entire house. The large compressor and outdoor coil is the AC you see outside, and it is connected by refrigerant lines to an indoor coil that is installed in the furnace.

How does a central air conditioning system work?

Doesn’t the air conditioner just blow cold air? Not quite.

In the simplest terms, your air conditioner will use energy to take the heat away from the inside of your house. AC units most commonly use a compressor cycle to move that stifling heat from the inside to the outside of your house. Basically, it uses a refrigerant that is constantly changing back and forth from a gas and liquid state. When it changes from liquid to gas, it absorbs heat. Then when it changes back to a liquid, it releases it.

The compressor cycle will push this liquid along as it absorbs heat and starts to change into a gas. When it reaches the indoor coil, the all the liquid will now be a low temperature gas. That gas is then compressed into a high-temperature vapour and sent to the outdoor coil where it is pushed into the air outside. Then the refrigerant becomes a liquid and goes back into the system to repeat the process.

The air in your house is cooled and dehumidified as it goes over the indoor coil. Any moisture that is removed from the air is collected in a pan at the bottom of the coil and then it eventually goes down the drain. Learn more about air conditioning your home.

Investing in energy efficiency.

As you can imagine, a central air conditioner uses a fair amount of energy to consistently absorb, move, compress and remove the heat from your home. That is why investing in a quality energy efficient air conditioner is so important.

You want an AC unit that has a good Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. SEER is a metric used to measure how much cooling a system puts out for each unit of energy it uses. Theoretically, the higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner will be.

ENERGY STAR qualified central air conditioners will have a SEER rating of at least 12 or greater for a single package unit and 13 or greater for a split system. An ENERGY STAR rated AC unit will save you up to 8% off your normal cooling costs. Air Central will ensure that your new air conditioner will operate at peak performance while taking care of your specific cooling needs.

HVAC Companies in Edmonton

Air Central offers high quality, energy efficient heating and cooling systems at reasonable prices. When you hire them, you can expect quality products, exceptional customer service, clean work and attention to installation detail. This is what makes Air Central the better choice.

Prepare for summer and install a new air conditioner today. Contact Air Central in Edmonton!


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