Learning About Residential Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is the most common residential fencing option in Calgary. An attractive wood fence can improve curb appeal, property value and enhance both privacy and security for your property. First Class Fencing are fence contractors in Calgary that offer a range of fencing products including wood fencing. They share more information on this durable and attractive fencing option:

Why should I choose wood fencing?

Wood fencing is the most popular choice for residential fences in Calgary, and for good reason. It will give your property a traditional, attractive appearance and is the most commonly accepted material in residential neighbourhoods, including those with architectural guidelines and restrictions. You can easily change the colour of your fence if your home’s exterior design changes and if you want something a little different, you can ask First Class Fencing about completely customized designs.

Wood fences in Calgary can be a cost-effective choice and with some options available, you can build a wood fence to meet your specific needs and budget. As a building material, wood is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. If you need to repair parts of your wood fence, those parts can be easily removed and replaced with minimal hassle.

What types of wood fencing are there?

The two most common types of wood fencing are cedar and pressure treated lumber, but some homeowners choose a high-end exotic hardwood for their upscale fencing project.

Cedar wood is a popular option because it offers a rich visual appeal and is naturally resistant to insects and rot. Cedar is also less likely to warp, shrink or split. You can choose to let it fade into an attractive silvery grey, or if you prefer the warm reddish-brown look, stain your cedar fence every two or three years. Cedar is more expensive than pressure treated lumber.

Brown or green pressure treated lumber is treated with a chemical preservative that helps the wood withstand the elements. It also makes the wood resistant to insects, fungus and decay. Pressure treated lumber is less expensive than cedar but can warp and split over time.

What kind of fencing styles are there?

First Class Fencing offers a range of styles for your wood fence in Calgary. You can get creative with a totally custom wood fence design or choose from the two most common wood fence styles: horizontal and vertical wood fencing.

Vertical wood fencing is the most typical choice, using vertical slats or pickets attached across rails, between fence posts. Vertical slat fencing can be installed quickly and easily and provides security and privacy for you and your family.

Horizontal wood fencing will give your property a modern look. With the fencing slats installed horizontally, this unique look will compliment your landscape, boost curb appeal and give your yard even more privacy. Read 3 things to consider when building a fence.


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