Luxury plumbing fixtures to splurge on for your bathroom

Bathroom renovations don’t always have to be a full-scale change from floor to ceiling. Sometimes, all a bathroom reno needs is to splurge on some new plumbing fixtures! Whether you have a leaky faucet or money guzzling shower head, new fixtures can transform a bathroom.

180 Plumbing & Heating in Calgary are a professional and dedicated plumbing and heating company. They share some luxury plumbing fixtures to splurge on for your bathroom reno:

New sink faucet: create contrast

Part of combining luxury with a splurge means also keeping the overall design of your bathroom in mind. A new faucet will serve a functional purpose, but it’s also going to play a role in the design. Choose a colour with just enough difference to make it stand out from the rest of the bathroom’s colour theme. Popular faucet colours, for example, range from nickel and chrome up to antique bronze. As for style, consider a wall-mounted faucet for a touch of classy elegance. Or, waterfall faucets are another luxury option. They are also available in a range of different finishes and designs to really customize the look.

Sink upgrade: above-counter or vessel

Undercounter sinks are a popular bathroom sink choice, as they are modern, easy to clean and keep counter space free. That being said, when you are investing in luxury upgrades, a new sink can play a big role in bathroom décor. For both a stylish and very versatile sink upgrade, consider getting a vessel sink. These sinks sit above the counter as a separate basin, instantly adding a sense of luxury and “wow factor” to the bathroom. They can be finished in classic glass or ceramic, or more exotic styles such as marble or wood. Better yet, vessel sinks pair well with elegant, tall faucets or wall-mounted ones!

Bathtub: freestanding tub with contrast

The new popular bathroom trend is to have a freestanding tub, dedicated to soaking and relaxation. The look itself offers a unique addition and one that definitely also adds luxury. Some freestanding tubs even come with a hand-held shower unit for rinsing after a soak. For these, choose a colour that contrasts with your bathtub and bathroom. Even pairing the colour to those new sink faucets will help draw the eye around the room. Take a scroll through some luxury bathroom designs with freestanding tubs for ideas for your own!

Showers: raindrop heads and wall jets

Even if you don’t design your whole bathroom like a spa, you can still apply spa elements to your shower. For the ultimate luxury shower change, install a raindrop shower head. When paired with a walk-in shower, this luxury faucet transforms your shower into a real feature. Practically as well, raindrop shower heads release water over a greater surface, making showering easier. They can either be mounted on the walls or, for additional luxury, be installed in the ceiling instead.

A perfect addition to pair with a raindrop shower is also installing wall jets. Not only are wall jets a luxurious addition, but they have therapeutic benefits too! The panels are easily mounted to the walls and provide a relaxing, watery massage experience. Design-wise too, they range in styles, colours and sizes to match any bathroom.

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