Maintenance and upgrades for your electrical panel

When it comes to electrical work, save it for the professionals. This includes caring for your electrical panel. A highly skilled professional electrician is certified and trained to help you. They have the expertise and knowledge to ensure you don’t face problems with your current electrical panel. Plus, they can make suggestions and install an upgraded system to suit your needs.

In this article, Warren Electric in Edmonton shares more about the importance of electrical panel maintenance. They also offer advice to help you decide when to upgrade your system.

Maintenance for prevention 

When you schedule regular maintenance for your electrical panel, you save yourself (and your home) from trouble down the road. Ultimately, your electrician can catch any minor issues with your electrical panel before they become major. This is an excellent preventative measure that will also help ensure you’re not forking over more cash for more extensive repairs later.

After all, it’s your electrical panel’s job to distribute electricity throughout your home. So, you always want your electrical panel to function at its best. Any problems can lead to damage to other electrical appliances. Also, you may find circuits starting to break, and other issues may pop up. On top of this, a malfunctioning electrical panel is a safety risk and could lead to an electrical fire.

When it’s time for repairs

Your electrician will always know when your electrical panel needs repairs, which is why scheduling electrical maintenance is so crucial. However, you should always be aware of the signs that prove your electrical panel may need repairs (or a replacement) immediately.

For instance, rust or charring on your electrical panel is a telltale sign you may need repair or replacement. Remember, an electrical panel has a lifespan of around 25-50 years. So, if yours is getting old, it may be time for something new. Other signs to watch include flickering lights or strange buzzing from the panel. An electrical panel that starts to trip often indicates it may be time for a repair or replacement. Additionally, watch out for unpleasant odours or a burning smell from your electrical panel. Get in touch with your electrician the minute you detect something.

Ready for an upgrade?

As your family grows or electrical needs change, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel to handle a larger capacity. This, the age of your electrical panel, or any significant malfunctions that aren’t worth fixing are all signs it’s time to upgrade.

Remember, you should never try to do electrical work yourself. Though it may seem easy enough, homeowners put themselves in danger when they attempt electrical work independently. The last thing you want is to risk hurting yourself or causing a fire.

Electricians in Edmonton

Warren Electric can help with all your electrical needs! Whether you need to schedule a maintenance visit, upgrade your panel, install new lighting, or more, they have your back! This company offers both residential and commercial electrical services. Moreover, their many years of experience means they will do the job right. Warren Electric puts safety at the top of its list. This, along with a commitment to excellent customer service, helps them maintain their reputation as one of the best electrical companies in Edmonton.

Give Warren Electric a call today!

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