The best exterior renovations for protecting against moisture damage

Surrey and the Greater Vancouver Area receive a great deal of rain each year. Even if it isn’t raining or snowing, the air still holds a lot of moisture. So, in this part of Canada, the waterproofing on your home is vital. Proper waterproofing on a home’s exterior is essential to structural stability. Waterproofing renovations not only prevent flooding but also small leaks. These moisture leaks lead to minor issues that quickly become large and expensive issues.

Amplified Construction Ltd. in Surrey is a locally-owned exterior renovation contractor. Their local knowledge gives them a firm grasp on the necessary steps for waterproofing a Surrey home. A home may require some or all of these renovations. The Amplified Construction team has the exterior renovation experience to assess what will likely cause your moisture or waterproofing issues.

Top exterior renovations for avoiding moisture damage

New doors and windows

Window or door replacement is a beneficial home renovation for several reasons. First, the windows and doors protect against all types of weather besides moisture. So, new windows or doors are likely to prevent air from getting in or escaping. Overall, these renovations improve energy efficiency within a home. Second, new windows and doors will increase the home’s overall value. And last but certainly not least, these renovations will ensure unwanted moisture stays out of the house.

Amplified Construction Ltd. is experienced with various door and window installations and replacements for older homes. They understand the importance of installing all exterior elements with waterproofing in mind.

Exterior finishing replacement

Amplified Construction Ltd. works with a variety of exterior finishes. This is often where unwanted moisture gets into a home. Other parts of the exterior finish also prevent the buildup of unwanted moisture. Contact Amplified Construction if you think the soffits, fascia, or eavestroughs are the issue. Their team offers replacement services for these, too!

With Amplified Construction, homeowners receive a comprehensive service line of exterior renovations. If items underneath the exterior finish, like the building envelope or frame, have moisture damage, Amplified can assist with this, too.

Exterior Renovations in Surrey

Getting exterior renovations for waterproofing is one thing. But having it done professionally is another matter. Count on the expertise of Amplified Construction Ltd. for quality waterproofing that will give your home an extended life. Beyond the waterproofing renovations, they also offer interior and exterior renovations of all kinds. Plus, these services come with a customer-driven approach. They put homeowners first through clear communication and keeping the lines of communication open. And while Amplified Construction Ltd. is a relatively new business, its local owner has over 20 years of construction and project management experience.

Contact Amplified Construction Ltd. for customer-focused renovations today.

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