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When it comes to masonry work, skill and experience are key parts of guaranteeing quality work. When finding the right company to help, it can feel daunting sorting through the many different companies. With masonry, part of the quality comes from training but also time. With companies like Justin Avery Masonry in Edmonton, that skill has been passed down through three generations of bricklayer/stonemasons.

They share some more reasons why their company is the best choice for any masonry work you need:

Quality of work

Looking at past projects can tell a lot about the ability and quality of work provided by a company or contractor. With renovations, it’s a great way to get new ideas and a sense of how talented the contractors are. The same can be said with the work of masonry contractors. At Justin Avery Masonry, their quality of work doesn’t just cover installations; they also help with the design. Attention to details, considering layouts, working within the space and careful consideration of all prep work behind the final product are all part of quality assurance. From concept ideas to design planning and finally the installation, their professionals are there at every step.

More than just brick or stone

The different types of masonry work, like brick, block, natural stone, and thin cut veneers all require different techniques and skills. Many masonry contractors will specialize in one or two types, which is important to check before you hire. Justin Avery Masonry specializes in a range of work, including brick, block, manufactured and natural stone (thin and full bed), and more. That range of experience makes them an all-in-one masonry company that can help with any masonry needs.

Whether interior or exterior masonry additions, they have the experience and designs to help. It also means that you won’t have to choose between one type or another because their professionals offer it all. If you need help choosing, keep in mind that their installation experience also lends itself to some professional design tips.

Three generations of experience

One of the biggest things to look for in a masonry contractor is how much experience and time working with stone they have. That experience will greatly affect all aspects of a project from concept to completion, how long the work will last, or what materials are best suited for a specific project. Finding that level of skill isn’t always easy. As a third-generation mason as well as a third-generation company owner, also an employer of a second-generation mason, you can guarantee that the work has been tried and tested over the years. Installation techniques, design layouts, skill with new products: all of it is constantly being perfected. They can help save time, stress, and wasted money by offering the right solutions and changes for any masonry work.

Masonry Contractors in Edmonton

Justin Avery Masonry is passionate about its work. They provide quality installation, masonry solutions, and custom designs for any home. Their professionals can help with interior or exterior work and in a range of different stone options. Placing your trust and home in their hands is an investment that will last for years––or generations.

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