Pairing your deck colours with your siding

As an extension of your home to the outdoors, you want your deck to complement your house to really help boost curb appeal. While the deck can be designed and decorated to act as a feature, paired colours will help add a sense of flow. If you are adding a new deck, it’s also the perfect time to replace old or worn siding with something new.

Fort Smith Contracting, serving the Lower Mainland and Vancouver area, brings 25 years of experience with carpentry, plumbing, and masonry trade work. They share some tips and tricks for perfectly pairing your new siding with a new deck:

Pair neutral with natural

Most colouring pairings for brown or tan homes are often matched with the same shades. As a traditional look, it’s a great choice that will complement any home. Otherwise, to add a touch of colour, pair the colours with other natural shades. Greens, dark brown, or even yellows are all great choices. Siding comes in a range of colours, so if you are adding colour, make sure it matches your home architecture. For the deck, colours can be paired depending on the wood. Cedar, a popular choice, is naturally a reddish colour when stained. Other decks can be stained to darken the look, or doing colour streaking will add an exotic look. For a pop of colour, make the railings something other than just black or brown.

Brick and stone with dark

Homes that have natural stone or brick accents are striking and visually appealing all on their own. Unlike with paint, though, finding the colour to match isn’t about similar shades. Brick homes with a reddish-brown deck will have too much similar colour for either to standout. Instead, go for darker shades like black and dark grey for the deck. Not only does it provide a striking contrast, but it also guarantees that your home and deck keep their feature appearances. For a natural stone pairing, if blacks and greys don’t work, consider dark, rich browns instead.

Match the window frames

Another great trick to create a cohesive sense of flow is to pair the deck colours with the window frames. That is especially useful if your deck is surrounded by or near to many windows. Since the frames are typically painted a different colour from the siding, draw colour inspiration from there. For the deck itself, use the same shades as the frames, whether light or dark. Then for the deck railing, choose a similar colour as the siding. Dark browns, greys, or even red siding, for example, will connect well with dark aluminum or steel railings. Light frames, like white or pastel shades, will complement cedarwood or various shades of composite decking. For more inspiration and creative deck ideas, browse online or talk to your contractor for their professional opinion.

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