Planning ahead for your electrical needs in a new build

When designing and building a new home, it’s essential to plan for the future. A well-designed electrical system will ensure you have the wiring and power you need now and in the future.

Hauer Power Electrical Inc. in Edmonton is a professional electrical company. They share tips for planning your electrical system when building a new home.

Plan for convenience and safety

Think about what areas of your home will be darkest at night and install light switches outside those areas. That can include the hallway, a storage area, or even a light switch outside so you can enter a bright home. For safety, outdoor lighting is always essential to brighten your home and deter intruders. Outdoor lighting along pathways or on trees also makes it safer to walk outside without tripping or running into things. Indoor safety using motion-activated lights offers convenience and is an excellent option if you plan to age-in-place. Install the lights in stairways, pantries, or walk-in closets so you can access those areas with ease.

Think about savings

Thinking about ways to save now is a wise investment with significant payback in the future. Right from the start, choose LED bulbs that last longer, use less energy, and can save money over the long run. In addition, installing a smart thermostat will offer better temperature control and save year-round.

Finally, installing an electrical panel that can support your electrical needs is critical. Typical panels provide a 100 AMP service. For many, this is adequate, but if you have plans for electrical additions in the future, you might want to upgrade to 200 AMP. For example, installing an electric vehicle (EV) charger might require more service depending on what you have running from your panel. Planning for that during construction will save you time and money compared to upgrading after the fact.

Outdoor decorations and living

If your home has a backyard, plan now to install outdoor lighting. Install weatherproof outlets so you can hang lights without the hazard of running extensions cords along the ground. Overhead lighting around your deck or patio lets you use it at night and adds a nice visual aesthetic in general. It’s also a good idea to think ahead for the holidays if you enjoy hanging up lights. Install a nearby outlet and a dedicated circuit for the lights wherever you plan to hang any. You can also invest in under-soffit recessed lights and permanent holiday lights. Ask Hauer Power about your options.

Trust a professional

Once you have your plans together for convenience, safety, savings and outdoor living, it’s time to hire a professional. Aside from minor maintenance, it is not a DIY job when it comes to electrical work. Companies like Hauer Power Electrical are trained and certified and will ensure it’s done correctly. They’ll ensure the work is safe, up to code, and suits all your electrical needs for now and for later.

Electricians in Edmonton

Hauer Power Electrical Inc. offers free quotes, quality services, and no hidden fees with their services. Their team brings over 50 years of electrical experience and proven customer satisfaction. They can help with residential and commercial renovation services and provide electrical guidance and support.

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