Set your lawn up for success

Spring lawn care is critical to ensuring a lush and healthy growing season for your lawn. Aerating, de-thatching, fertilizing, lime and weed control are all actions you should take this spring. Nutri-Lawn in Vancouver shares more:

Aerate to let the grass breathe

An aeration machine will pull plugs of soil and grass out of your lawn. It leaves little holes that better allow air, water and other nutrients into the root system. The little plugs are left on the surface of the lawn and will eventually decompose there adding more nutrients back into the grass. In many ways, aeration is a key tool in spring time preparation and is highly recommended.

Dethatch with a power rake

Over the years, dead roots and grass shoots can build up and create a thatch over the surface of the soil. This thatch can block nutrients and fertilizer from reaching your lawn’s roots. If your lawn is older and it’s been a long time since it’s been de-thatched, or it feels spongy to walk on, it might be time for a power rake. This will break up the thatch.

Overseed and fertilize.

Top dressing and over seeding your lawn can give it a great head start this spring. You can put down top soil in troubled zones or just lay seed on top of your freshly aerated and de-thatched lawn. Learn how to overseed a lawn.

It’s a good idea to fertilize the lawn first thing in the spring, especially if you’ve aerated. This will allow maximum nutrients from the fertilizer to be absorbed by the roots of the lawn. Try a slow-release fertilizer as it can provide nutrition to your lawn for two to three months depending on the fertilizer. A well-fed lawn grows the best.

Lime can balance the soil’s pH

Over the winter, rain washes nutrients out of the soil and it can become acidic. Grass grows best in alkaline soil. To make it less acidic and more alkaline, add lime. Nutri-Lawn offers a lime soil pH balancing nourishment program that can really help your lawn this season.

Get an early handle on the weeds

Nutri-lawn offers a range effective weed control treatments that will not harm your lawn. You can choose a weed control program that suites you the best, but all are able to reduce or eliminate weeds from your beautiful, green lawn. The weed control products are applied to target each weed, reducing the need to blanket spray the entire lawn where no weeds exist. Learn more about Nutri-Lawns week control programs.

Lawn Care & Maintenance in Vancouver

As a people-centric company, your Nutri-Lawn Vancouver Team continues to focus on delivering the experience you deserve. With a focus on nourishing lawns & lives, Nutri-Lawn Vancouver has built a strong reputation built on trust, expectations & accountability.

Your Nutri-Lawn Vancouver Team is excited to offer you and your family their industry leading client experience! Contact them to book your spring lawn care service!


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