Tell-Tale Signs Your Plumbing Is in Trouble

Plumbing Leak

A problem with your home’s plumbing system will not only drain your patience and energy, but also your bank account. Keeping an eye on your plumbing system will help prevent  costly and time-consuming plumbing repairs. Butler Plumbing, Heating & Gas Fitting in Edmonton shares some tell-tale signs your plumbing system is in trouble:

Clogged drains

If the water is draining very slowly from your sink, it could be because of a partial or complete clog. For a short-term solution, you can try to use a plunger or use drain-cleaning chemicals and clog removers. However, be careful not to use drain cleaners too often because overuse can actually damage pipes.  The best solution to remove tough clogs in your plumbing system is to have your plumbing serviced by a professional plumber.

“Not all drainage problems originate from within the home or office. Occasionally, the main sewer line that runs underground from your residence or building to the city sewer or septic system can become clogged. You might have bigger problem if floor drains become backed up after toilets are flushed, toilets back up into the bathtub or shower or if use of the washing machine causes toilets to gurgle.” – Butler Plumbing, Heating & Gas Fitting.

Video inspection can accurately find the source of your clogged drain. From there, Butler Plumbing can offer the most efficient solution.

Dripping faucets

If you have a leaky faucet in your house, don’t dismiss it as a minor problem! It’s actually an indicator of bigger issues like cracked or broken pipes. If you delay repairs for too long, you can lose more water than you think and you will start to see an increase in your water and drainage bill. Learn how to fix a leaky faucet. 

Low water pressure

If the water coming from your faucets has very low pressure, much lower than usual, you should call an Edmonton plumber. There are two main reasons for low water pressure: clogging of pipes with mineral deposits or other material and/or pipes that are actually too small to handle your plumbing requirements. Butler Plumbing, Heating & Gas Fitting offers full plumbing repair services and can determine if your current plumbing system needs to be upgraded.

Rust stains

If you see rust stains on the surface of your sink basin, bathtub and toilet bowl, it could be a sign that your plumbing system is in trouble. Rust stains could be caused by corrosion inside the water pipes or a water heater. Do not ignore this sign. Some rural homeowners with rusty water may benefit from water treatment.

Running toilet

If water is constantly running in your toilet bowl, it’s mostly because the flapper valve has become loose, letting water pass from the tank to the bowl continuously. The next time you see your toilet running by itself, check inside your toilet tank instead of jiggling with the flush handle! Read how to fix a running toilet. 

Damaged ceiling or walls

If you notice moisture marks, swelling or cracks on your ceiling or walls, it could be because of a water leak either from a leaky roof or damaged pipes. If you suspect it is a cracked or damaged pipe, have a professional plumber in to check it out immediately. If left too long, a leaking pipe will continue to damage your ceiling, walls, insulation, trim and framing and could lead to expensive rot and moisture damage.

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Butler Plumbing, Heating & Gasfitting provides both commercial and home plumbing repairs in Edmonton and surrounding areas. With over 40 years of experience, they are the Edmonton plumbing repair experts that people rely on and trust every day.

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