The advantages of custom & locally made cabinets

Home renovations can cost a lot of money these days. Your hard-earned money needs to be spent wisely, so your return on investment lasts for decades. That’s why quality products need to be used the first time. This has been at the heart of Denca Cabinets’ mission since its foundation in 1977.

Denca Cabinets in Calgary is the largest local custom cabinet manufacturer in the area and one of the largest in Western Canada. They use high-quality materials to create durable products that last for decades longer than mass-produced cabinets. Informed by their Scandinavian roots, they believe in manufacturing done right the first time. Here are the advantages of custom and locally-made cabinets:

Perfect fit

The most obvious advantage of custom cabinets is the perfect fit. Pre-made cabinets have fixed dimensions that are unlikely to suit your unique room. Consequently, this wastes space with filler or gaps in your cabinets. Renovators should design the room to use the available space efficiently, making the most of every square metre. Therefore, custom cabinets are the best choice, tailored to your specific dimensions.

At Denca Cabinets, their designers and engineering software create cabinets that fit perfectly, even into oddly shaped corners. With custom cabinets by Denca, you benefit from ultimate design flexibility.

Quality materials

Mass manufacturers typically use the least expensive materials that are shipped for weight. While this keeps their costs low, it produces a lower quality final product. In addition, these pieces are less durable because they are not as dense, so they don’t last as long.

Denca Cabinets, custom cabinets only use North American wood products in their box construction. Also, feature high-quality Europe and North American TFL panel products that last longer. They specially source all their materials, including paints, stains and specialty veneers.   While mindful of cost, the product’s value is just as significant. Plus, they consider the material source and if the supplier is reputable.

Support your local community

Denca Cabinets are a local manufacturer that uses local suppliers to create your custom cabinets. This means you are supporting your local community. Everyone reaps the rewards when choosing local designers, cabinet makers, artisans, and suppliers living in your area. This benefits the local economy, but it also lessens your environmental impact. How? Shorter shipping distances use less fuel and have a smaller carbon footprint.

Faster production

Another bonus of choosing local manufacturers and suppliers is faster production time. Instead of waiting months for your cabinets, the process is expedited and can take between 8 and 10 weeks with Denca Cabinets. Instead of 18 – 26 weeks from other kitchen manufacturers or kitchen cabinet retailers. This gets your cabinets into your renovation quicker with Denca Cabinets.

Custom Cabinets in Calgary

Denca Cabinets are committed to producing high-quality products the first time. They source from local, reputable suppliers to create custom cabinets that fit your room perfectly. Their products use the latest technologies and superior craftsmanship to exceed customer expectations. Since 1977, they have supplied Calgary area, Western Canada, the USA and Hawaii with durable and beautiful cabinets with a reputable name brand.

Create the cabinets of your dreams with Denca Cabinets!


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