The importance of certified property inspectors

If your home’s exterior has suffered damage from a weather event or general wear and tear, you should have it inspected by a certified property inspector. They can carefully inspect your home, report damages, and make recommendations for repairs.

Shield Roofing & Exteriors are experienced roofers in Calgary that offer professional property inspections.

Why do you need a professional property inspection?

Insurance Claims

If a severe weather event damaged your home, like a hailstorm, you’d need a professional property inspection to file an insurance claim. Insurance companies will require a detailed report that includes measurements and photos of the damage. Home insurance providers require a provincially certified property inspector to complete the damage inspection report. Without that, you might not be able to submit the claim to pay for damages.

Preventative Maintenance

You can also get your exterior and roofing inspections in Calgary for preventative maintenance. If you suspect you need a repair or your home’s exterior is ageing, a professional inspection is wise. Shield Roofing & Exteriors’ inspectors will check over every detail, find where there might be a potential issue, and make suggestions for repairs. However, if your roof or components of your home’s exterior are no longer protecting your home, you might need to replace the roof. Preventative maintenance will help you maintain your home’s value and catch minor issues before they become big expensive problems.

Why does the inspector need to be certified?

Many “home inspectors” might not carry provincial certification for property inspections. As a result, they can lack education on building science, potential damages, home exterior products, and installation methods. This lack of knowledge will lead to missing problems, leading to extensive and expensive damages down the road.

A certified, professional inspector understands the function and operational principles of your home. They can identify problems, determine the life expectancy of different components, and understand why issues can happen. They can see if things meet industry standards and can provide you with a written report that is compliant with homeowners insurance policies.

Have your roof inspected

Whether you’ve suffered damage from a hailstorm and need to submit an insurance claim, or you are worried about the status of your exterior, Shield Roofing & Exteriors can help. They provide free property inspections, damage reports, and guidance for the next steps. They’re honest roofers in Calgary and will never recommend a roof replacement if a simple repair does the trick.

Protection your home with a professional property inspection. Contact Shield Roofing & Exteriors today!


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