The Process of a Roof Replacement

If your roof has aged, has curling or even missing shingles, you shouldn’t procrastinate getting a roof replacement. Installing a brand-new roof this summer will ensure your home is well protected throughout the rain and snow seasons. It will also prevent potential water damage and expensive repairs down the road. Read these signs you need a new roof.

City Boss Roofing in Calgary offers complete ‘turn-key’ residential roofing solutions. They share the process of having your roof replaced:

Step 1 – Arrival and Set Up

After you hire City Boss Roofing to install your new roof, an experienced crew will arrive at your home and close off the area for their trucks and materials. This will allow them to move on and off the job site freely and safely. Then they will start setting up their equipment and materials and do a pre-roofing inspection.

Step 2 – Removing the Old Roof 

The next step is removing your old roofing system! This includes the shingles, vents, rake edges, valley and dip edging. This will ensure a clean surface to install the new underlayment.

Step 3 – Disposing of the Old Roof

When they remove your old shingles, they will dispose of them properly in their dump trailers or dump trucks. For large jobs or shake roof removal, they will have a disposal bin on the site to collect the old roof and then have it hauled away afterwards.

Step 4 – Roof Deck Inspection

Now that the old roofing is cleared away and the roof deck is cleared of debris, they will inspect the surface for any water damage. If any damage is found, they will repair or replace that section, so the new roof installation can begin.

Step 5 – Install Drip Edge & Water Shield

The crew will put in a drip edge along the eaves using ¼” galvanized roofing nails. Then an ice and water shield will be installed along the eaves and in valley areas and new vents will be secured in place.

Step 6 – Install the Shingles

City Boss Roofing will start at the lowest point of the roof and caregfully arrange and stagger the shingles to the ends of the nab notches don’t lie directly above gaps in the shingle below. The finished roofing solution will be compliant to building code. It will also have a beautiful dimensional appearance.

Step 7 – Clean Up

Now that the new roof is installed on your home, the crew will clean-up your property. You as the homeowner will review the completed job and once you’re satisfied, you’ll get a 5 Year Warranty Certificate.

Roofers in Calgary

City Boss Residential Roofing in Calgary offers a high level of value and customer service to homeowners. They offer top quality roofing products, professional installation, friendly and prompt customer service and a 5 Year Warranty Certificate on their work. There is a reason why they are one of the most reputable and respected roofers in Calgary.

Time for a new roof? Contact City Boss Residential Roofing!


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