Using concrete to improve landscaping

When you think about landscaping, you might think about trees, grass, and flower beds – but there is so much more to landscape design.  Hardscape features, like patios, walkways, retaining walls, and fireplace areas can turn a regular yard into a usable, beautiful outdoor living space. From SS Landscaping & Construction in Calgary, here are some ways you can use concrete to improve your landscaping.

Structural retaining wall

Is your yard on a slope, therefore underutilized? The addition of a structural retaining wall allows you to maximize the space of your yard. It can also add visual appeal to your yard too. Regardless of how sloped your yard might be, a professional landscaper can create flat, usable tiers in the yard customized to your space and needs.  A great feature of concrete is how versatile it can look. Different design elements, colours, stones, and textures can be added to the concrete, making it unique to your yard.

Paver stones

Paver stones are a great material to work with if you’re looking to add a personal touch to your walkways and patio. These stones come in many different styles and colours that can be mixed and matched to create your dream outdoor space. These stones don’t only have to be used for walkways and patios either; they can be used to frame flowerbeds, gardens, and fireplaces as well. Paver stones can be placed in many different ways to create unique patterns and designs. With a wide range of options, they add a personal touch to your backyard. The right stonework can help your outdoor living space take shape, so you are drawn to spend more time outside.

Other concrete work

Concrete is a great material to work with because it can have so many different applications and appearances. You can choose from a range of different finishes with concrete for your driveway, patios, walkways, and steps. One way this is done is stamping the concrete. Stamping can make concrete look like an entirely different material, like brick, granite, slate, or other natural stone materials. Other concrete finishes include polishing, staining, colouring, and patterning. All of these finishes take your concrete hardscaping to a whole new level, adding curb appeal, value to your home, and character to your outdoor space.

Landscapers in Calgary

SS Landscaping & Construction complete projects efficiently and on schedule, while going above and beyond to form lasting relationships with their clients. They offer all types of work from small flower bed retaining walls to large structural retaining walls. If you’re in need of help for your next landscaping project, SDD Landscaping & Construction has got you covered.

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