Why aluminum is a good choice for your gutters and siding

When it comes to renovating your home’s exterior, you want the best materials for the job. After all, your siding and eavestroughs play a key role in protecting your home and boosting curb appeal. That’s why, when it comes to choices, aluminum is a top contender.

ExoSide Construction Inc. in Calgary is an exterior contracting company. They share why aluminum is the best choice for your home’s gutters and siding:

The benefits of aluminum

Compared to other materials, aluminum is very lightweight, making it easier to carry and install. As a result, it also means that it is less expensive for installation. Because it is so lightweight, though, it also means that aluminum tends to be a softer metal. To help protect it against dents or damage, choose a thicker gauge of aluminum. The standard for aluminum is 44-gauge, but the rating can go as high as a 53-gauge. That will make it more expensive, but the cost will pay itself off with better durability and a much longer lifespan.

As for the protective benefits, aluminum offers a lot. With its natural oxide coating, there is no risk of corrosion or fire damage. Unlike wood, as well, it will not rot, develop mildew, or attract insects. And, compared to vinyl, cold weather won’t cause cracks or make the aluminum brittle. When used for your siding, the benefits only continue.

Aluminum siding

Thicker siding is key with aluminum, but it will pay off with a lifespan of upwards of 40 years. Design-wise, aluminum siding can come as both horizontal and vertical planks. Vertical siding is a great way to add the illusion of height to your home. At the same time, horizontal is both classic and can easily mimic the look of wood siding. Aluminum also comes in a wide range of different colours, so there is plenty of room to customize the final look.

Practically as well, aluminum is a natural and excellent insulator and will increase your home’s overall energy efficiency. By keeping your home cooler in the summer, your AC won’t have to work quite as hard either. Adding an extra layer of insulation will further boost the R-value of the aluminum and help save even more on monthly bills. As far as maintenance goes, low-maintenance siding is always a preferred choice among homeowners. Aluminum is no exception, as it is incredibly low-maintenance. Aside from needing to be repainted roughly every 10 years and occasionally washed, it will need little else.

Aluminum eavestroughs

Eavestroughs play an important role in protecting your roof and home from costly water damage. That’s why choosing the right material is especially important for your gutters. The biggest benefit of aluminum gutters is that they can take much more water and without sagging under the weight. The natural durability and longevity of aluminum also make it ideal for long-lasting and durable gutters, which will easily last for upwards of 20+ years. Similar to siding, you can choose various thickness gauges to customize to your home’s exact needs.

Like any gutters, basic maintenance and upkeep will ensure your aluminum gutters last for many years. Professional annual maintenance checks will catch any minor issues and keep your eavestrough in top shape. Beyond that, some basic DIY care, such as clearing away leaves and clogs, will help further protect your home and gutters.

Siding and Exterior Renovations in Calgary

ExoSide Construction Ltd. believes in safety, quality work, and absolute customer satisfaction in all things. They pride themselves on transforming the outside of your home and always exceeding your needs. ExoSide Construction offers everything from siding, soffits, gutters, and cladding.

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