Why natural stone is a beneficial investment for your home

Inside and out, natural stone is one of those renovation additions that can do a lot for your home. When you buy a new home or plan a renovation, you want to make sure anything you add is an investment. Plus, you want an investment that will be beneficial in more than one way.

Stone Solutions Inc. in Edmonton is a professional masonry company for both exterior and interior services. They share the reasons why natural stone is one such multi-beneficial investment for your home:

Natural stone is a long-lasting investment 

From an investment view, natural stone instantly boosts home value by boosting curb appeal with its classical elegance. Once installed, well-cared-for stone masonry will easily last a lifetime. It is incredibly strong, resistant to mould and insects and is low maintenance.

Exterior stone can also add real value to your property. This aesthetic addition to your cladding has a good return on investment, which you will see if you ever sell your home. In addition to the increased resale value, your home’s improved curb appeal will make it more competitive than other homes on the market. You’ll love this exterior upgrade, and future potential buyers will too.

Design ideas using stone masonry 

Using stone adds a new level of architectural interest, plus you get plenty of creative freedom with the design. For example, different colours, choosing full cladding or just stone trim, are all customizable choices. Stonemasonry can act as a stand-out feature or work together with your home’s architectural style and enhance it.  

Add natural stone for a feature doorway 

Adding new paint will make your front door pop but adding stone will transform it into a real feature. Do a full exterior stone renovation or add stone columns and make a real statement. Choose full stone columns for a really modern, grand aesthetic. Or for subtle grandness, use stone only on the bottom half of your columns. Either one you choose, you can’t go wrong with adding stone to your home’s exterior. Find some inspiration for stone columns for your home with these pictures and ideas. 

Work with your garage to boost curb appeal

Your garage also plays a big role in affecting not only energy efficiency but also your home’s overall curb appeal. Adding stone around your garage door will give it and your home a sense of grandeur and height. It’s also a great way to break up the visual appearance of your garage. By adding different textures, colours, and designs, it adds a whole lot of aesthetic appeal. It’s a simple exterior renovation addition, but one that adds major benefits overall.

Masonry Contractors in Edmonton

When you work with Stone Solutions, you are getting 20 years of experience from their company. They are committed to ensuring quality service, products, and customer satisfaction. Stone Solutions offers both exterior and interior services from feature walls, exterior home renovations, siding, stucco, fireplaces, entryways and more. So, no matter what you need or dream of having, Stone Solutions can provide it for you!

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