Why Starock wall panels are a perfect addition to your home

Paint isn’t the only way to add visual appeal and depth to your walls. Wall panels are a customizable and attractive way to dress up your home. They also offer more benefits than just visuals, making them a perfect addition.

Starock Canada in Calgary offers high-quality flooring, commercial furniture, and wall panels. They share more about why their wall panels are so beneficial for your home:

Highly durable and efficient

Unlike paint, which eventually fades or can be chipped and need repainting, wall panels are much more robust. Starock Canada wall panels are made from a PVC-stone-based board, making them resistant to fire, water, and scratches. That same material also lends itself to better soundproofing and insulation, so your home is even more efficient. You’ll save a little more on monthly bills and enjoy a quieter space. You’ll enjoy the luxurious feel of a spa-like bathroom.

Wide range of styles

There are many different styles of wall panels, like patterned or plain, and others can mimic the look of natural stone or even wood. Wall panels offer a depth and luxury design that you can’t get with drywall or paint. Starock Canada offers high-end, luxury wall panels that look like marble or natural stone. They also offer seamless finishes, so there’s nothing to take away from the stunning effect. There’s even a range of light or dark coloured designs, so no matter your home’s interior décor, there’s a style to match. If you love the look of your walls, the panels can also be installed on the ceiling for even more of a stylish change.

Add value to any room

Thanks to Starock Canada’s waterproof and easy-to-install wall panels, there’s no limit to which rooms they can be installed in. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or living rooms are all possible spaces to dress up with wall panels. The same goes for commercial buildings, like restaurants or hotels, that want a little extra glamour in their space. It’ll also help attract potential buyers or customers alike, which is added value in its own way. It’s a simple addition but with major long-term benefits.

Easy installation, minimal maintenance

Wall panels have a quick and easy installation process. Hiring a professional is still recommended to ensure a seamless installation, but the labour is much less involved. Once installed, there’s also minimal if any maintenance needed. There won’t be any paint touch-ups or scratches and dents to repair. It’s also naturally resistant to mould and bacteria buildup, so aside from a weekly dusting, there’s no other maintenance.

Flooring Companies in Calgary

At Starock Canada, they strive to provide high-quality products that add a luxury element to any space. They pride themselves on their trust and truthfulness in everything, which ensures absolute customer satisfaction. Whether it’s quality flooring, commercial furniture, or high-end wall panels, their professionals can help.

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