Why you should buy solid wood furniture

Traditionally, all furniture was made of solid wood. As new methods of mass-producing and manufacturing furniture entered the scene, the materials used were of a lesser quality and the quality of furniture decreased. Consumers can choose less expensive furniture made of veneer, particle board and plastic but they will give up on quality as well. Even after all of these years, a beautiful piece of solid wood furniture has never gone out of style.

There are furniture companies in Calgary that still create handcrafted, solid wood furnishings that are often signed by the original artist that made them. They share the many benefits of purchasing solid wood furniture for your home or office:

Wood has natural look that never goes out of style.

Wood furniture adds a rich, elegant and sophisticated look to any room in your home. No two pieces of wood furniture are the same as each piece of wood has a different grain, texture and natural design. You can choose from a variety of wood species including walnut, maple, hickory, oak, cherry and elm with a range of finishes.

Solid wood furniture is strong and durable.

Quality wood furniture is strong and if cared for properly, can last for generations. It can withstand wear and tear and requires little maintenance. If your solid piece of furniture does start to show a little wear, it can easily be restored with refinishing. You are usually unable to restore furniture made from other materials. Learn how to touch up scratches on wood furniture.

Wood furniture is easy to clean.

Your wood furniture can be cleaned easily by wiping it down with a wood cleaner or duster. You don’t have to worry about dirt, dust, pet hair or other allergens collecting on your wood furniture like upholstered furniture. If it looks dusty, just give it a quick wipe!

Wood furniture is valuable.

There’s no doubt that a piece of handcrafted, solid wood furniture will be a little more expensive than something mass-produced that you buy from a box store, but you are definitely getting your money’s worth! Wood’s natural grain ensures that your furniture is unique and it will fit into your home’s style, even if it changes over the years. Spending money on a piece of furniture that you can pass onto your children and grandchildren is a good investment.

Wood furniture is sustainable.

Plastics and veneers are heavily processed with many chemicals used during manufacturing. The trees used to make solid wood furniture can be replenished and is processed in a way that is much more natural and less harmful to the environment. Cheap furniture doesn’t last a lifetime and that means it will end up in a landfill. Your wood furniture will last for generations and if it does get thrown out for some reason, it will naturally decompose and return to the earth.

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