Why you should consider rubber paving

Rubber can be used to replace cracked concrete as a cost-effective alternative. It can also pave the area around a pool, backyard playground, home patio, and other areas. If you’re planning a renovation or concrete repair, consider rubber instead.

Prairie Rubber Paving in Calgary are a professional rubber paving company. They share why you should consider rubber paving for your home:

Boosts curb appeal and value

If you are looking for ways to add value and appeal to your home, rubber does just that. It can repair cracks, wear and tear, damage from salt, or buckling. Unsightly damage such as that is a quick way to lower the value and appeal of your home. Using rubber to resurface the area covers the damage and eliminates any aesthetic concerns. Not only that, but rubber has a long and durable lifespan and will look new for years to come.

It’s cost-effective

Constantly paying for concrete repairs isn’t cost-effective, but neither is tearing it all out and replacing it. Total concrete replacements can be expensive and time-consuming, costing you a lot of money. Unfortunately, concrete will crack and pit in our freeze-thaw cycles, so concrete repair is always something you’ll have to manage.

Using rubber pavement, however, is highly cost-effective. Rubber is easy to install, is less labour-intensive, and the old concrete doesn’t have to be torn out. Moreover, once installed, you can enjoy long-term savings and benefits with the same material.


If you don’t want classic-looking rubber, you don’t have to settle. Rubber paving comes in a variety of colours, including traditional concrete-looking options. You can also mix and match different colours to create a unique look. For example, use darker colours on the border and a lighter colour inside for an elegant appearance. Laying down patterns like squared sections or a speckled appearance like stone instead is visually appealing. There are many visual options with rubber paving, so you can easily tailor the look to your home.

Long lifespan

Once rubber paving is installed, it’ll easily last for the duration of your home. With a 20+ year lifespan, your rubber paving will provide value and support for years. In addition, your rubber paving won’t fade in the sun and is resistant to the freeze-thaw cycles that can be so hard on concrete and asphalt. It also has an excellent grip year-round, preventing slips and falls, and is easy to clear with a snow blower or shovel. Plus, if you sell down the road, buyers will appreciate knowing their surface still has a long lifespan ahead of it.

Rubber Paving in Calgary

Prairie Rubber Paving continually strives to improve the quality of its products and services for its customers. They have built a foundation of trust and quality of materials that always pass the test of time. Their team can help install rubber paving for playgrounds, sidewalks, homes, and commercial spaces. You can trust their quality products, installation methods, and will love your new rubber paving!

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