Why you should invest in landscape design

If you want to give your yard a complete makeover, the first place you should start is with a landscape design plan. Hiring a professional landscape designer like Ananda Landscapes in Calgary, can help ensure your dreams are realized for your new and improved outdoor space. Here are some reasons why you should invest in landscape design:

Every major project needs a plan.

Think of your landscape design plan as a road map for your landscaping project. If you don’t have an overall plan for the entire space, and just work on little pieces at a time, your yard will look disjointed. Having good flow will enhance aesthetics, curb appeal and your home personal enjoyment of the space. To achieve this, you need to have a well-laid plan.

You’ll get all your must-haves.

When you meet with a landscape designer, come with a list of the things you must have in your new outdoor space. Think of things like an outdoor space for dining, retaining walls, flower beds, garden boxes, patios, fire pits and more. If a flower garden is the most important thing OR if having a functional outdoor living space is a top priority, your landscape design plan will ensure you get exactly what you want.

Not sure what you can include in your landscape design? Watch this video for inspiration:

You’ll stay on budget.

Going wildly over budget is also a result of the piecemeal approach to landscaping. A professional landscape designer will be able to create a plan that has the things you want in it, within your budget. They will price out things like materials, supplies and labour ahead of time, so you know exactly how much your new landscape will cost in the end.

You’ll increase property value.

Landscape design can improve the resale value of your property and it has a good return on investment too. A beautifully landscaped property will make the best first impression on potential buyers if you choose to sell and gain more interest than competing properties without landscaping. John Gidding, host of HGTV’s “Curb Appeal” said in this article that good landscape design can get a return of 150% or more.  He also recommended that home owners invest 10% of the value of their home into landscaping.

Landscape Design in Calgary

As Calgary landscaping designers, Ananda Landscapes provides exceptional backyard design ideas. Ultimately, when you have your yard designed with Ananda Landscapes, you get the full package from design to installation and even maintenance afterwards.

Start planning your new yard for the spring! Contact Ananda Landscapes today!


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