Learning about ground wire

A ground wire a wire that has an electrical connection to the earth, through another grounded conductor or directly. Learning exactly what they do can help you increase your home’s overall electrical safety.

Grounded outlets are the outlets that have three slots, not two. The rounded D-shaped slot is connected to the ground wire.

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Why do we use ground wires?

A ground wire is literally connected to the ground below. Ground wiring has been a standard in residential construction for decades and is required by modern electrical code. Homes built after the 1960s likely have grounded outlets and electrical system.

The primary funciton of a ground wire is to give extra electricity somewhere to go that is safe. Positive electrical charges are attracted to negative charges. Conveniently, the solid mass of earth beneath our homes has a negative charge. A ground wire helps that excess charge get to the ground where it can be safely discharged and reduces the risk of electrical shock or an electrical fire.

Why do we have extra electricity?

Having a burst of excess electrical charges is quite common in residential homes. If you’ve noticed flickering lights when the microwave turns on, it’s likely caused by extra electricity running through the circuit.

Less common electrical charges are caused by transformer malfunctions or even lightening during a storm. That is why many electronics come with surge protectors, so they don’t fry when a sudden electrical charge runs through them.

What if you don’t have ground wires?

A grounded electrical system will move that potentially dangerous electricity to the ground. If it doesn’t go there, it will find the easiest path to cross through. Usually these paths are very dangerous. For example, if you’re touching the wrong thing at the wrong time, the surge can travel through your body. It will go from the part of your body that’s touching the outlet and travel through until it hits your feet on the floor. Electricity traveling through your body can cause serious injury or even death.

In the same way, it can travel through things in your home and cause a fire. It can even flow into electronics or appliances that are not plugged into grounded outlets and cause damage.

Electricians in Edmonton

You likely have a grounded electrical system if your home is newer. Contact Pax Electrical Installations for an inspection if you are not sure. They can determine if your system needs to be upgraded, or if you require additional grounded outlets around your home to enhance safety.

As a full-service electrical contracting company, they can help you with any electrical project. Home renovations, new builds and electrical repair are all services they offer.

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