Month: July 2016

EPS Foam is Everywhere… And it should be.

EPS Foam
Blog Written by EPS Molders Inc in Edmonton What is EPS Foam? You are probably thinking that this blog is about Styrofoam, which would be the wrong [...]

Cabinet Refacing Saves Money on Kitchen Renovations

Why are kitchen renovations a great investment? A kitchen renovation is a smart investment. In fact, even a minor kitchen renovation has one of the best [...]

Smarter Home Security & Monitoring At Your Fingertips

liberty smart phone
Smarter Home Security & Monitoring At Your Fingertips Liberty, a Canadian owned & operated company, utilizes the latest technology to provide Home [...]

Building a Second Floor Addition

carpenters constructing a dormer
Building a second story to your home is a good option if you want to gain a sizeable amount of living space without having to move away from the home and [...]

Not Your Ordinary Edmonton Flooring Store

edmonton hardwood flooring
Edmonton Flooring Store With More Vinton Centre Carpets Ltd. is a family owned flooring store in Edmonton that has been serving the community for over 37 [...]


drywall contract calgary
There are many reasons why your ceiling might be damaged or need fixing. Your ceiling could be damaged from water leaks, cracks caused by the construction [...]

Custom Built Home Security Systems

Edmonton Home Security Systems
Investing in a home security system will ensure your home and family are protected, as well as provide the priceless peace of mind that comes with the [...]

What to expect from a home inspector?

Hand With Magnifying Glass Over House
Buying a home is likely the largest investment most of us will make. But before buying, you should find out what condition the home is in and what repairs [...]

Learning About Humidity in Your Home

humidifier Edmonton
Humidity refers to the level of moisture or vapor in the air in your home.  Humidity levels can vary depending on the weather and the season.  The air can [...]

Why Drywall Projects Are For the Pros

drywall contractor edmonton
Whether you’re redoing your walls or hanging new drywall in an unfinished basement, you might be considering doing your dry wall yourself. How hard can it [...]