What to expect from a home inspector?

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Buying a home is likely the largest investment most of us will make. But before buying, you should find out what condition the home is in and what repairs might be needed. Hiring a qualified inspector from a reputable company, like HouseMaster Home Inspections in Edmonton, can help you to make an informed decision.

The inspector’s role is report on the physical condition of the home visible on the day of the inspection. Ideally, the inspector will invite you to join him or her as they evaluate the home. Being involved throughout the inspection gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get tips on issues that may be discovered. The inspection contract should include the areas to be inspected and typically consist of roofing (flashing/gutters/shingles), exterior and site elements (driveways/grading at foundation/siding), garage, attic, kitchen, bathrooms, interior walls ceiling and floors, plumbing electrical and heating/cooling systems and foundation. Other items may be included or excluded, check the contract and talk to the inspector to be sure you are getting what you expect.

An average inspection takes two to three hours, but can take longer if the home is larger. It’s important to note that it’s a visual inspection of the accessible areas and it’s non-invasive. This means that anything concealed behind walls, floors or anything else, usually cannot be seen directly. This includes mould and asbestos. However, there may be other signs of underlying problems that a trained professional would notice. Many inspectors use new technologies, like thermal cameras and moisture meters, to help investigate any suspicious occurrences. One thing that the inspector will not be able to give you information on is the estimated cost of any recommended repairs, for this, always contact a qualified trades’ person.

The home inspector will provide you with a report documenting their findings, this can be a physical copy but many inspectors will post findings on a secure website so the client can access the document remotely by logging in with a username and password. Be sure to read the report in its entirety and address any concerns as soon as possible. Deficiencies will continue to deteriorate with usage and the passage of time. The report is confidential and prepared by the inspector exclusively for use by the client. The information will not be shared with anyone other than the client, unless it’s been agreed to in writing. At the time of possession it would be prudent to complete a walk-through of the home to ensure it’s in the same overall condition it was at the inspection.

It’s crucial to remember that there are many risks associated with buying a home. A quality home inspection is just one of the steps taken in this process. Every home buyer must do their homework and learn as much as they can, not only about the home itself but also about the best actions to take to protect the investment over time. For more information on home inspections contact Service Alberta or CMHC.

By Paul Dolynny

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