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How to prepare your home for a home inspection

A home inspection is one of the final and most important steps when buying or selling a home. The inspection will catch any issues before you buy that could [...]

Qualities to look for in a home inspector

Buying a home for the first time can be stressful, especially since it is such a significant investment. A home inspection will ensure your new home is up to [...]

HouseMaster gives you more than just an inspection

Written by HouseMaster Home & Commercial Inspections HouseMaster has been serving Albertans since 1994 and have completed over 50,000 inspections! [...]

What a Home Inspector Will Look For

An important step in purchasing a new home is having it inspected by a professional home inspection company. Hired by the home buyer, the inspector will [...]

Peace of Mind with a Home Inspection

Peace of Mind When Purchasing a Home Purchasing a home is more than just a housing decision.  It’s also a major investment decision.  Few people would [...]

Danger of DIY Decks

When summer arrives, most of us like to spend more of our time outdoors. Having a deck addition in your backyard makes a great outdoor space for relaxing, [...]

Do I need a home inspection when I buy a house?

Do I need a home inspection when I buy a house? When you buy a house, a professional home inspection is a very smart idea. In fact, it should be [...]


Written by HouseMaster Home & Commercial Inspections Home sellers may not consider a pre-listing inspection to be a worthy expense, since buyers [...]

Home Inspection: An important step in the home buying process

If you’re seriously thinking about buying a new home, you should have a thorough inspection conducted by a professional home inspection company in Calgary.  [...]

What to expect from a home inspector?

Buying a home is likely the largest investment most of us will make. But before buying, you should find out what condition the home is in and what repairs [...]