HouseMaster gives you more than just an inspection

Written by HouseMaster Home & Commercial Inspections

HouseMaster has been serving Albertans since 1994 and have completed over 50,000 inspections! Your HouseMaster Inspector will evaluate all the major, accessible elements of the home, including heating, cooling, structure, electrical, plumbing and more, so that you can make an informed home purchase decision.

– Find out what type of systems and components exist in your new home.
– Determine the condition of the systems and major components of the home.
– Understand how the systems and structural components of your new home function.
– Learn how to maintain your new home to improve the enjoyment and value of your home.

A HouseMaster Home Inspection is All About You

The most important person in a HouseMaster home inspection is YOU. The Customer! We invite you to join us on the inspection where we will take the time to discuss anything that we find. We will also explain items that you should consider for proper home maintenance and we show you how to operate many of the systems in the home.

Inspector Resource Guide

All clients get a HouseMaster Inspection Resource Guide to kick off the inspection. It includes a note pad and pen so as you work with your inspector, you can take notes to ensure you get the most out of your inspection time. Inside the IRG you will find a layout grid to document room measurements and window placements. Once you are moved in, you can refer back to the guide for handy instructional videos that will guide you through some of the most common home repairs.

120 Day Limited Repair Reimbursement Guarantee

To show how confident we are in our services, we include a 120 Day Limited Repair Reimbursement Guarantee. Many companies now offer a Guarantee or Warranty, but you’ll have to deal with third party provider to resolve claims. Here at HouseMaster we genuinely care about each of our clients and value you too much to send you off to some stranger if things go wrong. Should any issues arise after the inspection we will personally and professionally find a way to solve the problem in a fair, honest and satisfactory way, for all involved parties.

Help with Home Maintenance

Keeping up on regular home maintenance can be difficult for many homeowners. Our studies show that over 88% of home defects are due to poor maintenance. We’ve designed the HouseMaster Cloud to assist clients in managing their home. From the Cloud you can set up reminders to stay on track with maintenance needs, work completed, record appliance purchases, track product recalls and more. Also available on the HouseMaster Cloud is our exclusive Buyer Benefits Program. We’ve negotiated special offers for our clients from well known brands that can help with moving, home renovations and even home security.

Help with moving

Moving homes can get hectic, so HouseMaster has partnered with MoveSnap, a free moving online concierge service. MoveSnap lets you change addresses, transfer utilities, even update your provincial and federal identification. The best part is that its all done online, at your convenience. We are also a discount partner with, which means you’ll get a FREE 1-year RenovationFind Membership. This membership will give you discounts on other home improvements and renovations.

What are you waiting for call HouseMaster today, you’ll be glad you did. 


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