5 Common Residential Furnace Problems

If it is properly maintained, a good furnace can last up to 20 years. Having your furnace tuned up each year, and investing in furnace repair in Edmonton, will expand it’s lifespan will helping your heating system maintain good energy efficiency.

Star Mechanical Ltd. in Edmonton offers furnace installation, repair and maintenance. They share the common problems they see with residential furnaces:

1. Broken thermostats.

The thermostat in your home has a very important job. It controls the heat in your home and tells your furnace to kick in on those cold winter nights. If you have a faulty thermostat, or if it’s not programmed correctly, you could end up with no heat production or the furnace turning on and off without reaching the desired heat. Star Mechanical can fix this for you.

2. General wear.

Like any mechanical system, your furnace will start to show signs of wear and tear over the years. It works hard during those long Edmonton winters! During an inspection, Star Mechanical will detect any worn parts and recommend a repair or replacement part to keep your heating system running properly and efficiently.

3. Filthy filters.

One of the easiest furnace maintenance tasks homeowners can do is change the furnace filter regularly. The filter is there to keep dust and dirt from getting into the furnace and heating system. When it is full, it can clog and cause issues with air and heat circulation. The more your furnace strains itself, the higher your energy bill.

4. Blocked air passages.

Your furnace needs air to help in combustion, so it can produce heat. If the furnace is not getting enough external air, for whatever reason, it may overheat. If you suspect your furnace is overheating, do not wait! Call Star Mechanical right away. They offer 24/7 emergency services.

5. Lack of maintenance.

Many homeowners don’t give their furnace much thought, or maintenance, until it stops working. Investing the time and money in annual furnace maintenance will help catch any little problems before they become something major. It will also make sure it’s running at peak efficiency.

Furnace Repair in Edmonton

Star Mechanical’s mission is to provide fast, friendly, quality & professional plumbing & heating services, which is why all their plumbers have been through a rigorous customer service training program. If its repairs to a hot water tank, installing a brand new kitchen sink, replacing a garburator, troubleshooting your furnace or helping you renovate your bathroom, call Star Mechanical today to book an appointment.


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