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The staircase in your home it gets you where you need to go, but it can do more than that! Getting creative with beautiful staircase design will turn your functional staircase into a piece of artistic design you’ll love having in your home. Not only can it enhance your own personal enjoyment of your indoor living space, it will also increase your property value. In some cases, you might have an unusual or narrow space and custom stairs can be the only solution within that space limitation. If you’re thinking about doing a major renovation, don’t leave out the possibilities of creating a truly unique staircase. That’s where Artistic Stairs in Calgary comes in.

Railing and staircase design are what Artistic Stairs does best. Whether you’re looking to redo the stairway you have, are building a custom home or are looking to do something really extravagant with your major home remodel, their artistic stair consultants will help you dream and design a staircase that will get everyone’s attention. The design team will also help you match your stairs to other design features in your home including cabinets, furniture or wood flooring.  Stunning, warm, modern, geometric, grand, creative, expressive…these are all words used to describe custom stairs built by Artistic Stairs.

Once you have your one-of-a-kind design, they will start the process!  They’ll ensure exact measurements are taken onsite for accurate planning and will use technology like CAD and Sketchup programs to plan the project and can show you 3D renderings of what it will look like in your home. This comprehensive planning ensures you’ll get the exact staircase you’ve envisioned, saving you time and money on your renovation.

Now it’s time to start building! Artistic Stairs takes care of it all for you. From staircase to rail system manufacturing to working with credible builders and full-service installation they will help see your design move from conception, to construction and through completion. They will make sure your staircase is not only aesthetically pleasing, but compliant to all building codes and completed on schedule. You’ll have a staircase that will add to the architectural uniqueness of your space, present a dramatic and sweeping entrance and be something you’ll really love!

About Artistic Stairs

Artistic Stairs has been creating beautiful staircases for residential and commercial owners and builders for nearly 40 years, operating in Calgary, Edmonton and in Arizona. Their team is experienced and talented, consistently able to deliver top quality products, professionalism and outstanding service. Artistic Stairs has an A+ Rating on, ensuring they’ve passed our stringent screening process and have a top-notch reputation for quality and service that you can trust.

Their industry-leading team has the experience and skill to enhance your homes through staircase remodeling and installation services and can offer the most current styles along with the timeless classics. Choose from a variety of wood and a full range of baluster styles, from traditional wood to modern metal, to glass or wood panels.  The options are endless and they will work collaboratively with you to ensure that your updated staircase reflects your personal style.

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