Benefits of Infill Housing

Infill housing is when you build a new home on a vacant property in an older neighbourhood. In most cases, an older home is demolished to prepare the lot for the new house. Infill housing is typically interspersed among older, original homes in the neighbourhood.

Infill housing has become a major trend in Calgary home building. Corefront Custom Homes & Renovations in Calgary are custom home builders that offer infill homes. They share why choosing to build a new home in an older neighbourhood is a great idea:

You can live more centrally.

Most new homes are built in suburbia, far from the centre of the city. Calgary has become known for it’s suburban sprawl, with neighbourhoods stretching far to the city limits. Those who commute from those new neighbourhoods can expect a 45-minute drive to downtown and might find themselves far from amenities and entertainment typically located in a city’s core.  If you choose to purchase a lot in a mature, central neighbourhood you can have a brand-new home AND live more central. It’s the best of both worlds.

Better access to public transportation.

One of the best things about living in a more central community, is the access to good public transportation. This can encourage more homeowners to take the train or bus, or even walk or cycle to work instead of driving their cars. If they do drive, the distance will be less and their carbon footprint less as a result. It also means less traffic and less stress.

You’ll be closer to more services.

Mature, centrally located neighbourhoods are typically closer to other much-needed services including heath care and dental clinics, stores, offices, banks, recreational facilities and parks. While these are in suburban neighbourhoods, they are usually not walking distance and you’ll find yourself driving more often to take care of your regular errands and daily needs.

You can live in a well-established neighbourhood.

While newer developments are nice, they are lacking in maturity. In a mature neighbourhood, you’ll find the streets lined with giant elms or poplar trees. There will be plenty of parks and schools nearby and your neighbours will have lived there for years, even decades, boasting pride of ownership for their homes and their community. Plus, older neighbourhoods usually have larger lots. That means a bigger house or, if you prefer, a bigger yard.

You can still have a brand-new, custom home.

Just because you move to an older neighbourhood, doesn’t mean you have to live in an older home. Corefront Custom Homes & Renovations can build you a custom infill home that suits your specific needs for design, lifestyle and function. You can choose everything you want in your home, from finishes to energy efficient materials. Your new home will be exactly how you want it, with or without the bells and whistles, in a neighbourhood you’ve always wanted to live in. Check out these popular home design ideas. 

Glenbrook Fireplace  Glenbrook Kitchen

Custom Home Builders in Calgary

Corefront Custom Homes & Renovations has built their company around their customers. From the foundation to finishing; it’s all about what the homeowner wants and needs. Their goal is to provide the best service in Calgary’s home building and renovation industry. They will ensure clarity, integrity and high-quality work during every stage of your project. Are you ready to start this exciting journey?

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