Benefits of professional drywalling without the mess

Part of the drywall process is the sanding step that prepares the walls for colour or a new texture. While it’s an essential step, it’s also very messy and results in a lot of dust. That dust can make allergens worse, lower interior air quality, and result in an extended clean-up after the job is done. That’s where professional dustless sanding is so beneficial to your home and health.

Patchmasters Drywall Repair in Calgary is a professional drywall contractor company that can help with your home renovation. They share the benefits of professional drywalling with dustless sanding:

Importance of indoor air quality

The quality of your indoor air has a direct impact on your health. When your indoor air quality is poor, it affects asthma, lung conditions, and other diseases. Regularly changing your air filters and keeping your home and ducts clean will help keep your air quality healthy. However, it isn’t always so easy to keep that air quality clean when you have a home improvement project on the go. For example, Drywalling during the sanding stage is extremely messy. Thankfully, the right professional drywall contractor will use methods that reduce dust and keep your home cleaner.

Benefits of dustless sanding

Dustless drywall sanding, as it sounds, is a process that eliminates nearly 100% of the dust produced when sanding. The most obvious benefit of the dustless process is that it keeps your home clean and your health intact. There won’t be a whole new layer of dust on every surface with a dustless sanding process. It also saves the prep work of laying down plastic sheets or removing all the furniture from a room. As a result, the process is that much faster, so you can finalize any last steps of the drywalling process without delay. Dustless sanding also creates better results, leaving your drywall much smoother than traditional drywalling. 

Leave it to the professionals

While drywalling and dustless sanding can be DIYed, it’s a project best left to a professional. Not only do they have the experience that is needed for a quality drywall project, but they also have the tools. With a DIY dustless sanding, you’ll need to buy the right tools, which will increase the cost of your project. A professional will already have the tools and experience and years of experience using them. With their help, the project will be handled quickly and efficiently, and your home will be dust-free. Even if you just need a minor repair or some patchwork, still leave the work to a trusted professional. 

Drywall Contractor in Calgary

Patchmasters Drywall Repair specializes in all types of drywall repairs. Whether your drywall has cracked, become damaged by water, or you just want to update your ceiling, their team can help. With their help, your home will look brand new once again with added value. With over 25 years of drywall, you can place your trust and home in their capable hands.

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