Insulating your home is an important task. Insulation will help with temperature regulation, keep your home warm, and give another layer of protection for your walls. Choosing the type of insulation can get confusing. An easy, affordable option for insulation is spray foam. From Spray Foamworx in Calgary, here’s what you get when choosing spray foam insulation.

First things first, what is it?

Spray foam insulation is a liquid sprayed onto walls, attics, and other areas. It acts as an airtight insulator to keep temperatures in your home regulated. It will reduce costs of heating and cooling by up to 50 percent. It’s made up of two carefully mixed and cured chemical compounds. Upon installation, proper ventilation is key to keep chemicals out of the air. Once the foam sets, the spray foam begins to expand. The chemicals will stabilize, making it safe to occupants.

Why is it better than other kinds of insulation?

Spray foam insulation leaves no room for air. Literally. It fills in any cracks and gaps there may be, and protects the surfaces. Eventually, fiberglass insulation will wear down. Spray foam is a stronger material. It’s long-lasting, effective, and an easy choice. It fits any wall shape or design.

How do you get it?

Spray foam will need to be installed by professionals in the field. Trained staff will install the insulation, making sure it is done correctly, and safely keep chemicals regulated. Staff will visit the site, give you a quote, and take measures to make this process as easy as possible.

Insulation Contractors in Calgary

Spray Foamworx is Alberta and BC’s top choice spray foam insulation firm serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients with quality product and great customer service. Their experts will make sure that the job is done right, and keep your building properly insulated for years to come.

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