Undergoing house renovations can be a big job, with so much to consider. Luckily, there’s a way for the job to become less of a stressful one. Hiring a handyman for help with projects can be a great way to get things done faster. As well, you’ll know the job will be done properly. Out of many different tasks, here are a few things a handyman can do for you from Handyman Unlimited in Edmonton.

1. Bathroom Repairs

Want to upgrade your bathroom? Handymen are the people to call! Whether it be new tiling, grout, or other cosmetic projects, handyman services will be on the job. They can also replace faucets and fixtures, repair leaky taps and more.

2. Kitchen Upgrades

A handyman can make upgrading components of your kitchen much easier. From replacing cabinets, back-splash, door handles, counter-tops, and light fixtures, a handyman can help make the job go a lot faster than DIY. Plus, handyman services are typically less expensive than major renovation companies. This is because they have lower overhead and can tackle many projects in a single day.

3. Wall-hangings

Hanging things on walls may seem like an easy task. However, when the list of to-dos keeps growing, this job can be neglected. Handymen can hang shelving, televisions, pictures, and more so that you can focus on other fixes. They can also help with custom storage solutions and other improvement tasks that are overwhelming your to-do list.

4. Door and Window Installation

Swapping out old or inefficient windows can be a big decision. With so much time spent on choosing the right design and functionality, why not let someone else handle the installation? Along with windows, installing new doors can revamp the look of a home. Hiring a handyman will save you time, and help your house improve its look.

5. Outdoor Upgrades

Handyman jobs are not limited to the indoors. Keeping residents and guests comfortable outdoors is just as important. Handymen can work on patios, patio coverings, decks, and other outdoor needs you may have. They work with you to make your space perfect for your needs.

Handyman in Edmonton

Handyman Unlimited is a family-run company with 30 years of combined construction experience in residential glazing and general contracting. No matter how big or small the job may be, they will work with you on projects to get the job done right.

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