Electrical considerations when building a new house

Building a new home can be both an exciting and daunting process. There are lots of decisions to make throughout the build, including decisions about your electrical system. Kleins Electrical & Mechanical in Winnipeg offers electrical services for new construction as well as general electrical services for both residential and commercial applications. They share some things to consider when building a new home:

Know where and how many outlets you are going to need.

Think about each room and plan out the location and number of outlets you’ll require. Properly planning your outlet requirements will ensure each circuit is large enough to run the electrical devices you need it to safely. You might also decide that you need more outlets and a larger circuit in an entertainment room and less in a bedroom, or that you want device charging stations in certain rooms in the home. Get out your home’s floor plan and start planning your outlet installations!

Are you planning to install home automation in the future?

You might not have a home automation system in the plans during your initial build, but if you want to include automation in the future, it’s best to have that planned out and prewired during the construction phases. This will safe you a lot of money and headache in the future. Speak to your builder and your electrician about prewiring for home automation, home security systems and anything special like a home theatre system.

Do you need extra power in the garage?

Most homes are built with standard 120-volt outlets in the garage, but if you plan on running any heavy-duty tools or appliances they might require 240 volt. You will also need enough space on the circuit and circuit breaker. Making sure this upgrade is complete during construction will be more cost-effective than an electrical upgrade in the future.

Be energy efficient.

When planning your electrical, always consider energy efficiency. Not only will you lower your impact on the environment, you’ll also save money on energy every month. Systems that will help you save on energy include programmable thermostats, automated lighting and even something as simple as choosing LED or CFL light bulbs over traditional incandescent bulbs. Many new homes are built ‘solar-ready’, so that you can more easily install a solar system in the future if that is your plan. If you’re not sure, be sure to talk to your builder and your electrician about a solar ready build. Learn about Manitoba Hydro’s Solar Pilot Program.

Electricians in Winnipeg

Kleins Electrical & Mechanical provides electrical and mechanical services across Winnipeg, Carman, Morris, Rosenort and surrounding areas. They offer services for new construction, commercial lighting, residential electrical installs and repairs and service upgrades.

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