Electrical upgrades for aging-in-place

It’s never too early to start thinking ahead on some aging-in-place upgrades or home changes. However, beyond focusing solely on renovations to change your home, don’t forget to include your electrical system. Your electrical needs or access will likely change, making a few upgrades a worthwhile investment. 

4-Star Electric Ltd. in Calgary offers a full suite of electrical services for your home and business. Here they share some beneficial electrical upgrades their team can provide for aging-in-place: 

Relocate or add more outlets

Look around your home and notice where your electrical outlets are located. Are they in convenient places? Does each room have enough spread around to be easily accessed? How high or low are the outlets, and do they need to be moved? 

Raising outlets, for example, makes it easier to reach an outlet without bending or crouching and helps keep cables and wires off the floors. If a room lacks outlets, consider installing more so you don’t have to move around as much to access power when needed. 

Lighting system upgrade 

As we age, our vision isn’t what it once was, making proper lighting much more important. While stylish lamps add nice visual appeal, you also need a functional lighting layout. The best layout includes overhead lighting that provides general ambient light to brighten a room as a whole. Task lighting like lamps or cabinet lights is there for more specific tasks like food prep. Accents lights, like spotlights on paintings for example, help add depth and dimension to a room.

This spread of lighting ensures you always have the proper access to light as needed. Don’t forget to upgrade the switches to add more safety and access. Dimmer switches or smart switches give better access for safety and power savings either with a voice command or easy to control dimmers. Read more about how to improve lighting

Smart technology and systems

Installing innovative technology in your home is an investment you can enjoy now and years down the road. As you age in place, having a smart system in place adds to the safety and convenience of your home. For example, protective alarm systems can provide alerts at a touch of a button. Reminders can be set through a virtual system, or installing home cameras offers more security. Loved ones can check in now and again, so you don’t have to worry about falling and not getting help right away.

A smart system can also be linked to your electrical system to control the lights or HVAC temperature. Your electrical contractor can help set up and install your new system and ensure your electrical needs are accommodated now and in the future. 

Electricians in Calgary

If you need an electrical contractor in Calgary, 4-Star Electric can help! They offer a full range of electrical upgrades, repairs, and installations for commercial and residential clients. They’re committed to your complete satisfaction and won’t accept payment until you’re 100% satisfied. In addition, they stand behind all their work with a minimum 3-year guarantee. Straight forward pricing, open communication, courteous service, and high-quality, safe electrical work can be expected with 4-Star Electric.

No matter what your electrical needs, contact them for an estimate!

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