Fall Home Repair & Maintenance Tips

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Winter is just around the corner and fall is the perfect time to catch up on some home repairs and maintenance before the colder weather hits. Calgary’s Handyman shares fall home maintenance tips to help you prepare for winter.

Check your home’s exterior for places where heat can escape or moisture can get in.

Take a walk around your property and inspect the exterior of your home. Check all the seams where siding might meet your stucco or masonry, around where pipes or your gas metre might enter the house and around all of your windows and doors to ensured everything is sealed tight to prevent heat from escaping, or worse, moisture from getting inside your home. A build up of moisture and condensation can cause damage to your home’s interior and that will be a very costly repair in the future.

Inspect your roof for deterioration or damage.

Stand back from your house to inspect the roof. Are the shingles peeling and curling? Do you see any flashing coming away from your chimney or vents? If so, contact a professional for roof repair or replacement before the snow flies.  Read 6 signs you might need a new roof. 

Is your exterior paint peeling?

Believe it or not, that thin layer of paint goes a long way in protecting your house from the outdoor elements. If your paint is peeling, a fresh paint job will protect your siding and could prolong the life of your siding too. Plus, a fresh paint job will also improve your curb appeal and your resale value. Calgary’s Handyman offers exterior and interior painting services.

Inspect your windows and doors.

Your windows and doors are the main culprit for heat escaping from your home. Check the seal on both inside and outside of your windows and doors. They might have worn or torn weather stripping that will need to be replaced and resealed. A handyman can help you install new weather stripping to ensure your seals are airtight. If your windows and doors are warped or damaged it might be time to consider installing new energy efficient windows and doors. This is also a service Calgary’s Handyman offers.

Are your mechanical systems working properly?

It’s a good idea to have your furnace inspected and maintained by a heating and cooling contractor before the winter. You should also take care of any plumbing maintenance and repairs. Calgary’s Handyman offers a wide range of services to help you repair or upgrade your plumbing and electrical systems. Ask them for more information.

Give your home a refreshing and cost-effective makeover.

The changing of the season is a great time to give your home a small upgrade so you can better enjoy your home over the holidays and throughout the winter season. Finally finish up that basement renovation, repair damaged walls, give your home a new paint job and de-clutter with some effective storage solutions.

Handyman Services in Calgary

Calgary’s Handyman can help you manage and maintain your home, rental property or business. If you have a long list of repair and maintenance tasks you don’t have time to take care of, or you need maintenance staff for your commercial property – they can take care of it!

From home maintenance, home repairs to minor renovations – you can trust the licenced and bonded profressional journeymen at Calgary’s Handyman.

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