Home additions: building up or building out?

Building an addition to your house is a perfect way to stay in your neighbourhood and home and still meet your changing needs. Additions can range from small bump-outs to adding a whole new floor to the house. There are many choices but one important thing to consider is, do you plan to build up or out?

Sea West Construction in Surrey specializes in building custom homes, add-ons, and renovations. They share some ways you can decide which direction to build your new add on:

Building out

Main floor additions are typically a more common choice because the additions are used to expand a room. For example, they can help increase space in the kitchen or bathroom, or use a bump-out in the living room. Building out can also include building a new space, like a detached garage, garage suite, or sunroom.

The main factor to consider with this is how much yard space you have or if you have future plans for the area. Smaller yards may accommodate a small addition, but then you lose a lot of the outdoors. If you have a sprawling yard, then an addition can actually make the space more manageable.

Another benefit is the work involved will be less disruptive than building within your home. A general contractor will dig up the space in the yard, then install a new foundation. Walls and a new roof will follow, then the interior wall between the new addition will be removed to connect the spaces. Hiring the right contractor for this is important; otherwise, uneven ground level will result in visual unevenness with the new addition.

Building up

Transforming a single-story house into a two-story can add a great deal of value and benefits. Building up means that you get more rooms than just a single addition on the main floor. For example, a second story can include new bedrooms, a master suite, extra bathrooms, or a bonus room. Otherwise, a new level may mean an addition over the garage. Bonus rooms or a bedroom are two popular choices for garage additions. Building up will also mean that you don’t lose any yard space, and some zoning restrictions won’t be an issue.

There is a lot more expense, work and consideration involved when building up. To start, the entire roof will be removed during the construction process. You’ll also need to plan for a new staircase which will take up a lot of interior space. It’s also important to check for any bylaws or restrictions limiting how tall a house can be.  Similar to building out, a skilled professional is a must to ensure the structural supports are sound. Any addition will also need the right building permits, but your contractor will typically handle that part.

Final decision

Choosing to build up or to build out comes down to a matter of property size, zoning laws, and your own needs and budget. The best way to make the right choice is to talk to a professional for guidance and their opinion. They’ll know what type of addition is the best option for your needs and home, and how to make it happen. A professional will also help with the design stages to ensure there are no delays or issues with the layout and structure.

Major Renovations in Surrey

Sea West Construction always provides professional, reliable, and quality work and services. They specialize in building beautiful custom homes, add-ons, or helping with renovations. Their goal is always to provide peace of mind and absolute satisfaction for every job and service.

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