Home Automation and Lighting Control

Lighting control is a component of home automation. It is convenient, can enhance the ambiance of your home and help you reduce electricity consumption. Lighting control is no longer just for luxury homes and can be installed into your current or new home build.

What can automated lighting control do?

Automating your lighting can entail a broad spectrum of programmable controls. From controlling the lights in just one room to a whole house system that controls the exterior and interior lights, your system can be completely customizable to fit your needs.

You can program your lights to turn off at a certain time, ensuring lights aren’t left on somewhere in the house when you go to bed or to work. You can have them turn on as you’re getting home each day. This is especially handy for exterior lighting in the dark winter evenings.

Lighting control can also enhance your home’s security. Program your lights to turn on and off in the house when you are away on vacation, to give the illusion that someone is home. This can prevent intruders and break ins.

How is it controlled?

Your lighting system can stand on its own or be part of a whole-home automation system. Either way, you can control it from a central control panel or from an app downloaded on a smart device. Your lights can be programmed, turned on or off, from any where you are in the world. The application will also tell you if a light is currently on, so you can turn it off remotely and save on energy costs.

Other lighting technology to consider.

Part of lighting control can include motion sensor lights. This lighting can sense when someone has entered the room and automatically turns on the light. You may have seen something like this in a public washroom. If the sensors have not detected movement in the room for a period of time, it will automatically shut off the lights to conserve energy.

Motion sensor lights are also a good security feature for the exterior of your home. If someone is approaching your house or garage, the exterior lights will come on. If they are an intruder or up to no good, it will likely deter them from going further. If it’s someone you’re expecting, they’ll be happy to have their path well lit.

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