Home renovations: all at once or room by room?


Embarking on a home renovation is a big project that requires extensive planning and the help of an experienced renovation contractor. Some choose to remodel the entire home at once, while others might tackle it room by room. There are benefits to both action plans, so start by weighing your options first.

DASH Builders in Winnipeg are a professional home renovations company. They share some considerations when it comes to renovating your home in stages or all at once.

What’s your budget?

Start simple and think about your budget before looking at the pros and cons. Do you have enough saved up, plus a contingency budget for unexpected expenses, to cover a whole-home renovation? Remember that a whole-home renovation will likely cost more than a multi-room upgrade. By spacing your renovations apart, you can first focus on the critical areas and go from there. For example, your renovations can pair spaces like a bedroom and bathroom or the kitchen and living room to avoid other spaces in your home suddenly looking outdated.

Whole-home renovations, on the other hand, could offer more value long-term. While there is the inconvenience of your entire house being under construction, once it’s done, it’s done. You can enjoy your newly transformed home without worrying about what comes next. Renovating everything at once can also save on materials by buying in bulk. In addition, you can save on labour as one trades contractor can do installations across multiple rooms in fewer visits.

Living disruptions

As mentioned, a whole-home renovation will come with some (many) disruptions. For example, certain areas of your home may be closed off, or the noise will disrupt work from home productivity. On the other hand, it may not be a problem if you can spend time on a vacation or have another place to stay during work.

However, renovating one space at a time is less disruptive and easier to work around. Even if one bathroom or bedroom is under construction, you can plan ahead and live around that. If the kitchen is out of use, remember that you may need to add a food budget to the renovation for any take-out meals during the project.

Where to start

If you want to renovate one room at a time, knowing where to start can be as easy as picking whichever room is most in need. It can also be about what space will add the most value post-renovation, like the bathroom renovation or kitchen remodel. For that reason, it can be easier to choose multi-room renovations to take some of the grand scale planning away.

It can feel daunting knowing where to start with a whole-home renovation, mainly depending on the work involved. If you are stuck, talk with your contractor and get their professional advice and input. Working with a qualified contractor and their team will make the work faster, easier, and less stressful. They’ll create and manage a design and construction plan that ensures everything gets done when it should.

Major Renovations in Winnipeg

DASH Builders don’t just handle renovations; they believe in building quality rooms that last. Whether you are transforming the basement, kitchen, adding a deck, or tackling your whole home, they can help. DASH Builders are design-build contractors meaning their experienced design team can help start the project, and it’s carried out by their expert in-house carpenters, tradespeople, and installers. You’ll receive transparent quoting, open communication, professional results and a positive renovation experience.

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