Installing a home electric vehicle charging station

Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and a great way to commit to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. By switching to electricity, you’ll help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Owning an electric vehicle (EV) is a great choice, but there are still things to consider, including how you’re going to charge it at home.

Enerpro Electrical Services Inc. are electricians in Calgary. They share more information about residential EV charging stations:

EV charging station installation

The process for installing an EV charging station in Calgary is similar to other home upgrades. First, you’ll receive a visit from someone on the Enerpro Electrical team. They’ll view the site, present a range of EV charger brands and types, and build a quote for you to review.

Once the exact location of the EV charging station is confirmed, they check and ensure the electrical supply. You might need to update your electrical service from 100-amp to 200-amp to run the charger. These factors will play into your quote.

Finally, the installation begins. Depending on your situation and charger location, the installers might have to dig a trench to run conduit to the EV charger. Again, this is something your electrician will discuss with you before the work starts.

Building or renovating? Consider pre-wiring for a future EV charger

If you’re building a new home or doing a significant renovation, consider pre-wiring for an EV charger now. Even if you don’t own an electric vehicle but plan to in the future, doing that work now can save time and money.

First, make sure your building plans include an electrical panel that can power an EV charging station. With the charger and score of other devices and appliances drawing power, Calgary electricians suggest a 200-amp electrical panel.

They’ll need to run a conduit to link the electrical service to the EV charging location. Often, installers will have to dig a trench for the line. They will also need access to the electrical system to run wiring. That is why doing this during construction is the most effective. Walls and ceilings are already open, and the ground is ready for any conduits that need to installing across the property. Of course, you can do it after the fact, but it will be more disruptive and expensive than during construction.

What Enerpro Electrical can do for you

Enerpor Electrical offers full-service EV charger installations for residential homes. They’ll provide a range of charging point options. These options include standard plugs, chargers that use wi-fi for remote configuration, real-life monitoring, power-sharing features, output adjustment and more.

Their best electricians in Calgary will ensure to integrate the EV charger safely and seamlessly with your home’s electrical system.

If you have dreams of an electric vehicle now or in the future, get started with an EV charging station. Contact Enerpro Electrical for a no-obligation, free consultation.



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