How this Edmonton business is making shady contractors a thing of the past

Original post from How this Edmonton business is making shady contractors a thing of the past Anyone who’s ever renovated their home will likely tell you it can be stressful. Home reno horror stories have become commonplace and, often, can be attributed to contractor-related issues. According to a survey by Angus Reid, 33% of [...]

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Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

Simply put, electricity is very dangerous.  Even if you have experience with basic home repair you should not attempt an electrical job without consulting or hiring a [...]

Benefits of Custom Bathroom Renovations

A custom bathroom remodel can make your bathroom more functional, enjoyable and add great value to your home. Having a custom bath company like ARMS Construction Inc. in [...]

Installing Gas Systems & Appliances

Whether you're installing a gas range, fireplace or barbeque; or there are issues with natural gas reaching your hot water tank, repairing and installing any gas lines in [...]

4 Tips for Durable and Economic Home Renovation

When renovating your house, you have to be prepared to invest both financially and personally in this project. If you are ready for that, then we have a few valuable tips [...]

Why Move When You Can Reno?

Just because the home you’re in now doesn’t work for you anymore, doesn’t mean you actually have to move to get into a home that will.   We all know [...]

Ecoline Windows: 7 Home Improvements That Increase Natural Lighting

  "Daylighting" is a trendy new term for an age-old home practice—bringing natural light into your home.   We all know how a sunny day can lift our [...]

Ways to Reduce Your Electrical Use

Have you noticed a spike in your electrical bills? Professional electricians like Can Electric Ltd. in Edmonton can offer services that will help reduce your electrical [...]

Accessible Bathroom Remodeling and More

If you or someone in your family has mobility issues, or if you’re planning to age-in-place, the bathroom can be one of the most difficult and potentially dangerous rooms to [...]

Avoid These Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

A kitchen renovation can be a large investment and sometimes a complicated process. Hiring professional general contractors like Lambert Brothers Construction in Edmonton [...]

Low maintenance siding options

If you want to give your home an exterior upgrade, a new siding installation can greatly improve curb appeal and help protect your home from the elements. If you’re a [...]