Reasons to upgrade your electrical panel

The electrical panel controls all the electricity in your home. Its function is to receive electricity from the utility and then distribute it throughout your home’s circuits. The circuits bring electricity to lights, appliances, and anything plugged into an outlet.

Your panel has safety functions that can help prevent circuit overload, overheating, and even fires. However, if your panel is outdated, damaged or overloaded, it might be time for electricians in Calgary to update it. Enerpro Electrical Services Inc. shares more reasons to upgrade your electrical panel:

It isn’t to current code

In older homes, a 60-amp electrical panel was often enough to power a home in the 20th century. Since those times, modern homes use A LOT more electricity than they used to. Air conditioners, computers, home theatre systems, and a score of other appliances and devices require more power. The standard for homes now is 100-amp, but a 200-amp service will ensure you have enough capacity for everything you need to run.

Breakers keep tripping

Circuit breakers are a safety feature of your home’s electrical system. If a circuit overloads beyond its intended capacity, it will trip the breaker to stop electricity from running. Stopping power can prevent overheating and fire hazards.

Sometimes we can overload the circuit by running too many appliances at the same time. But, if you’re constantly running down to the basement to flip tripping breakers, it means your panel is either worn out, doesn’t have enough capacity, or is malfunctioning. The best electricians in Calgary can fix this for you with a panel upgrade.

You need more power now or in the future

When your home was built, it was outfitted with an electrical panel to meet the needs of the time. However, if you’re running air conditioning more frequently, want to get a hot tub, or want to wire in for a future electric vehicle charging station, you’ll need an electrical panel upgrade. Upgrading to a 200-amp service now will ensure you have enough power today and into the future.

An overloaded electrical system is showing warning signs

If you’re overloading the electrical system, it can be a serious fire hazard. Plus, your system won’t work correctly. Warning signs include flickering lights, dimming lights when appliances kick in, tripping breakers, burning smells at outlets and switches, and sparks at the outlet when you plug something in. If you’re getting a slight shock when you plug something in, there is a problem. Don’t wait. Protect your home and family by calling a Calgary electrician in for an inspection and repairs. Read more warning signs of outdated electrical wiring.

Want to learn more about an electrical panel upgrade? Contact the pros at Enerpro Electric Services Inc.



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