Rebates Available for Solar Panels

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There has never been a better time to install a solar power system to power your home. Not only will solar panels allow you to produce clean, renewable energy and greatly reduce your impact on the environment, they can save you money in the long run. Plus, the Alberta Government’s new Residential and Commercial Solar Program will help you cover the cost of your investment.

Solar power saves money (and the planet).

Generally, homes in Alberta are getting their electricity from the grid. That electricity is produced by burning carbon emitting fuels like coal. Not only are you paying for the energy itself, a large part of your electricity bill is also made up of a variety of service, transmission and distribution fees. Powering a home can get expensive, especially during a dark winter.

With solar panels, you can collect most of the energy you’ll need in a day from the sun. This means you’ll use less energy from the grid, greatly reducing and sometimes even eliminating your fees entirely from your electricity bill. In the occasion that you actually produce more energy than you use, usually during the summer, that extra energy goes back into the grid and you can actually get a credit for that energy.  This is called a micro-generation credit.

Though the initial cost of solar power is a big investment, you will start to save money the more you use it. Over several years, you’ll find that the cost of generating power from solar panels is less than buying electricity from a retailer.

Rebates available for solar power systems.

solar panel Energy Efficiency Alberta has a Residential and Commercial Solar Program that offers rebates to homeowners, businesses and non-profits that install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. This is an incredible incentive for Albertans who have been thinking about going solar but were worried about the cost. Not only does this program make solar power more affordable, it will also create nearly 900 jobs in the province and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta by about half a million tonnes.

Here’s how you can get approval and install a solar PV system:

– Do more research to learn everything there is to know about solar systems.
– Get in touch with a solar contractor that is certified by the Energy Efficiency Alberta solar program.
– Obtain any required permits and approvals. Often your electrician or solar contractor will do this for you.
– Install the system.
– Install the meter and connect to the grid.
– Once your system is energized, apply for a rebate through Energy Efficiency Alberta.

Learn more about the process here and see if you’re eligible.

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