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Written by Intelife Security and Automation in Edmonton.

Smart home features are becoming a necessity for home buyers, as they search for their move-in-ready homes and the ability to control and monitor their home. In a study of more than 22,000 people currently in the market for a new home, John Burns Real Estate Consulting found that 65% of them are willing to pay more for smart home technology.

It is clear that technology is an important investment strategy for modern renovators, buyers and sellers. Below we have listed top selling technology products to help you make the most of your smart home investment.

Video Doorbells

The benefit: Answer the door and monitor the front of your home with your smartphone.

The smart video doorbell that allows you to see, hear, and speak to the visitor at your door whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go from anywhere in the world. The ability to connect remotely with delivery services, wanted and unwanted visitors allows homeowners visual verification and communication with anyone who arrives at your front door through built-in video, voice, and motion sensors.


The benefit: money savings and energy conservation.

Thermostat devices provide remote control for homeowners through our simple phone app or computer, but they’re also self-regulating based on considerations like the homeowners’ daily habits and whether or not someone is in the home. The gps in your smartphone also allows you to set up commands to lock the door or lower your temperature each time you leave the house.  The smart technology and gps controls allow the thermostats to save you 10-15% on your home or business heating and cooling bills.

Door Locks

The benefit: added security and convenience.

How many times have you stood outside in bad weather as you searched for your keys and tried to unlock the door while your hands were full? Luckily those days are over for those who install smart door locks. Smart locks use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to keep everything connected from a smartphone. As a security measure this can prevent having to hiding spare key where it can be found by a stranger. Smart locks can also be used to track which family member unlocks your door so you know when your children come home through a text message.  When you are selling your home, this can also be a great feature to show the potential buyer that you care about smart home technology and the security of your home. Smart locks always create the best first impression.

Flood Sensors

The benefit: peace of mind and potential money savings.

Insurance companies provide discounts when they know you can protect your home from water damage. No one wants to buy a home that is potentially mold-infested after an incident with water damage. Smart flood sensors help the home’s value by preventing water leaks before they can cause damage. In this case, prevention is without a doubt cheaper than restoration. Both homebuyers and insurance companies will appreciate that it’s already installed and ready.  This is also a must-have for Snowbirds so they can be alerted to potential pipe freeze or leakage, which will then allow you to shut off your water flow to your house immediately through our phone app to prevent damage.

Home Wellness Systems

The benefit: care for your elderly loved ones even when you aren’t there.

Our wellness packages allow you to monitor and help care for your elderly loved ones even when you are not at the home.  Use of non-invasive room motion sensors and bed mats allow you to know that your elderly family member is in the home and in their normal daily routine, medicine cabinet sensors can help ensure that they are taking their medicine, door sensors allow you to know when they enter and leave the home, or that any helpers have arrived, and finally personal emergency devices and pendants can be utilized in case of falls or other emergencies.  All these allow your elderly family member to stay in their homes for longer and still give you and them peace of mind.

Connected Home Systems

The benefit: integration and convenience.

Homes continue to add smart devices. Managing them all can become a time consuming endeavour. Consumers want one platform to easily control all technologies from one place. As a seller, it’s smart to consider installing devices that can all be linked and integrated together on the same platform. Our intuitively designed phone app will allow you to control all of our devices from one place.

Insurance Discounts

The benefit: Save more money with your smarthome system.

Intelife has partnered with HGA insurance to provide customers with incredible discounts of 20-30% when smart home and life safety devices are installed. The additional monthly savings help our customers offset the costs of installing smart home system in the home.

As smart home technologies continue to progress, these devices will become even more prevalent.  Which smart home devices can you not live without? If you’re currently renovating or selling a home, what are your plans to incorporate smart home features?

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