The benefits of Dry Fog mould removal vs traditional means

Mold is never a welcome discovery in your home, especially when it can cause health complications and costly repairs. Removing mold quickly is essential, which is where Dry Fog removal is so beneficial. It’s fast, thorough and less invasive to your home than traditional means.

EnviroFog Solutions in Calgary is a professional mold inspections and removal company. EnviroFog is happy to share what makes their patented Dry Fog removal technique so much more effective in giving families a true mold-free environment.

Signs of Mold

Catching mold early on is a critical step in preventing the issue from worsening or spreading throughout your home. Generally, mold likes to grow in damp and dark areas like in bathrooms, around windows or near a leaking pipe. Unless you can visually see a spot of mold, early signs will be a musty, earthy smell or warping or peeling paint on walls. If there is visible staining or discolouring this is due to water damage which translates into mold if not discovered within 48 hours of the initial leak.

Other signs could be health-related, like eye irritation, sore throat, skin rash or lung irritation unrelated to a cold or another known illness. Always leave the inspection to a trained and experienced professional and who can handle the removal.

Traditional Mold Removal (Tear Out Method)

Removing mold involves a process that can take several days or weeks to do, depending on the amount of mold. When Traditional Removal is required, companies will contain the mold using containment poly, air scrubbers, along with fans and dehumidifiers to remove moisture. Air scrubbers capture any mold spores in the air in that particular area only, and then the mold removal process begins. In most traditional cases, drywall and carpeting must be removed and disposed of to clear the problem. Once the mold is gone, costly repair or replacement of damaged drywall or flooring begins. Traditional Mold Remediation alone doesn’t fix the homes entire mold problem as mold actively uses the HVAC system as a vehicle to move throughout the home in search of moisture.

Dry Fog Mold Removal 

Compared to traditional methods, EnviroFog Solutions Patented Dry Fog method is much less invasive and costly. The process itself only involves two steps and doesn’t involve expensive damage to your home. The two-step process starts with InstaPURE, which eliminates any harmful mold spores from the HVAC, the indoor air, furnishings and all surface types. The second step uses EverPURE, which protects your home and surface for 90 days from attracting or developing new growth. Both applications are completely environmentally, people and pet safe. It’s also fast and cost-effective, so the process only takes one day to complete. There’s no delay and no risk of any mold spread or triggering of health issues thanks to the speedy process. You also don’t have to pay for extra repairs or replacements from damaged walls or floors. EnviroFog’s mold treatments also prevent homeowners from having to toss away personal belongings and furnishings due to mold contamination.

Mold Inspections and Removal in Calgary

EnviroFog Solutions proudly provides a safe, quick, highly effective and verified (via 3rd party lab analysis) solution to mold removal. Their fully licensed team members are all trained and experienced when it comes to mold inspections and removal processes. With their help, your home will be safe and healthy again, with total peace of mind guaranteed. EnviroFog’s Mold Treatments are 100% Guaranteed to eliminate harmful mold spores, bacteria, viruses and unpleasant odours from your ENTIRE HOME!!

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