Use Screw Piles For Home Building Projects

If you’re building a structure on your city or acreage lot, it’s important to have a strong and secure foundation. You can toil and labour with an auger to dig post holes for your fence, deck or other structure and then mix cement to secure them; or you can achieve your foundation goals effectively and efficiently with screw piles.

Screw piles are the best anchoring system for foundations and are developed specifically to safely and effectively take on a structures load. They are installed into the ground using an excavator that has a high torque hydraulic motor. While concrete is good, screw piles can go deeper into the ground to form an incredibly strong anchor. Having Alberta Screw Piles Ltd. install screw piles for your next building project can save you a lot of time, money and excavation effort.

More reasons to choose screw piles for your foundation:

You don’t have to wait for concrete to cure and construction can start as soon as their installed.

They won’t budge when the ground freezes and thaws.

The equipment used to install screw piles will not damage your yard or land.

Installation is fast.

Screw pile foundations are stronger than concrete pilings. Learn about screw piles for stronger construction.

Use screw piles for your residential building project.

You might think that screw piles are just for contractors and developers, but this strong foundation works great for residential projects like decks, home additions, garages, grade beams and other structures. Alberta Screw Piles has equipment that is designed to install a screw pile foundation in tight spaces and they can access yards that most equipment can’t!

They can drive through a 38” opening with a 12’ pile. They have years of experience installing decks and backyard projects and can engineer solutions for additions and other major home renovations. Alberta Screw Piles has years of experience working on large-scale commercial and industrial projects. That knowledge and experience will benefit your residential project. Their piles are static load tested to ensure load capacities and all piles will be engineered specifically for your build.

Screw Piles in Edmonton

Alberta Screw Piles Ltd. is an innovative screw pile company that serves Edmonton and area. Their goal is to provide customers with the best foundation option for every site’s specific application and requirement.

They believe this is possible through getting to know your needs by studying the requirements conditions, designing & manufacturing a solution and then delivering & installing their engineered foundation onsite.  Their team makes this possible with a strong drive to exceed the expectations of each job and with an attitude to learn and adapt throughout each project’s challenges.

Need a strong foundation? Contact Alberta Screw Piles Ltd!


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