Choosing an HVAC system for your home can get overwhelming. There are four main kinds of HVAC systems: split, hybrid, duct-free, and combination heating and cooling systems. How do you know which one is the right one for you? These are some ways of deciding which HVAC system you should get for your home, from JDK Heating & Cooling in Edmonton.

Split system

Split system HVAC units are those that have one part outside, and one inside. These are the cheapest kind to have installed if you are connecting it to your furnace. One part of the unit acts as a heater, typically found near the furnace. It controls airflow with fans, and regulates the temperature to what you want, using the thermostat. The other part acts as the air conditioner and usually runs in the summer heat. Overall, a split system is an affordable, effective choice.

Hybrid system

Hybrid systems are a combination of a heating and air conditioning system. It contains a heat pump to help to regulate the temperatures in your home, making it an efficient choice. The hybrid systems operate as an air conditioning unit in the warmer seasons. On the contrary, it acts as a heating system in the colder seasons. Some options can be added to fix air quality. The main difference between the hybrid and split systems is how they are powered. The hybrid can be switched between gas and electrical power. This will make sure your energy bill stays low.

Duct-free system

Duct-free systems are a good choice for when there is no conventional way to have a ducting system. These devices are typically installed in the target room that needs temperature regulation. Along with the others, it’s controlled by the thermostat. The cost of this one is high, to begin with, but will last for many years. It’s easy to install and will tailor to the temperature you want while saving energy. You don’t usually see this type of system in Alberta due to the harsh climate and high need for heat.

Heating and cooling system

A standardized heating and cooling system is a good device for homes that don’t have room for something like a split system. These are more compact and can be put away easily. They are efficient and easy to maintain, making it less of a hassle. This option is good for smaller homes. It’s a cheap system to install and will keep the temperature in your home to your liking.

HVAC Companies in Edmonton

At JDK Heating & Cooling, they know that proper heating and cooling of your home or office is critical to your ultimate comfort and enjoyment — and they take that seriously. With their team of experts, the installation of a new comfort system is easy, and you can expect quality products with professional service.

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