Why you should choose eco-side siding for your home

More home renovations blend style with green upgrades that make your home much more sustainable. These green upgrades tend to last longer than typical materials, so it’s an excellent investment. With siding, eco-side it’s a green option that will protect your home and last for years. 

Shield Roofing & Exteriors Inc. in Calgary is a professional roofing and exterior renovations company. They share the benefits of choosing eco-side siding for your home:

What is eco-side siding?

This wood composite siding option uses 100% pre-consumer recycled content making it completely green. The siding is further manufactured with additives that increase its strength, hardness, and durability, ensuring that it lasts many years. It also helps lower your carbon footprint while looking incredibly stylish, making it a great all-around home addition. 

Natural wood beauty

Wood siding is incredibly stylish and adds an appealing rustic look to your home. However, wood siding also comes with much more maintenance, which not all homeowners want. That’s where eco-side siding comes in as the perfect alternative. Visually, it very closely resembles the look of wood thanks to its blend of wood materials, fibres, and strands. Unlike natural wood, though, eco-side siding is less expensive. Therefore, you can enjoy the appeal of wood without the cost.

Eco-friendly choice

As far as greener choices go, eco-side siding is a top eco-friendly choice. Since it’s manufactured using only pre-consumer recycled materials and with a lowered carbon footprint, it’s very green. Cutting back on global waste and making your home greener makes it a market contender to conscious buyers. Down the road, when you do replace the siding, it won’t end up in the landfills. Instead, the old siding will break down just like natural wood.


Eco-side is built and designed to do more than just look stylish and add appeal to your home. The material is designed to offer maximum protection against various weather types. Impacts from hail won’t cause damage, water won’t be able to seep in, and direct sunlight won’t cause fading. Eco-side siding is designed to stand up to whatever weather may hit year-round. 

Easy customization 

The installation process is quick for any professional, so you can enjoy the siding benefits much sooner. But before installing it, there’s the matter of deciding what look and style you want. With eco-side siding, there are several colours to choose from. Eco-side ranges from light shades to complement a modern home to darker, bolder shades to make your home stand out. 

Exterior Renovations in Calgary

With over 20 years of experience, Shield Roofing & Exteriors is a company you can trust with your home. They can help with roofing projects and exterior renovations and provide guaranteed quality each time. No project is too big or too small for their team, so you can always rely on them to add new value to your home.

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