3 Tips for rewiring an older home

If your thinking about purchasing a heritage home or an older character home, but the electrical work isn’t up to code, you might have to rewire it. It might have hazardous aluminum wiring or can’t support the growing demand for electricity in the home. Things like computers, video games, home security and entertainment systems take a lot of power!

While this is a labour-intensive task, it’s not impossible and could be worth the cost and effort. Especially if it is the home of your dreams. CodeRad Electrical in Calgary shares some tips for rewiring an older house:

1. First determine foreseen electrical usage.

The last thing you want to do is complete a huge rewiring job just to discover you need additional or larger circuits to support your family’s regular electricity use. Consider things like the number of outlets required in the kitchen, family room and if you need power ran to the garage. If you plan on having home automation or a security system installed now or later, it’s best to do the wiring for it now. Mapping out where you use electricity will help the electricians be more efficient in rewiring the house. It will also help you save money on rewiring for additions in the future.

Learn how to determine electrical circuit load capacity.

2. Check local electric and building codes.

When you hire a professional electrician, they will do this for you. Doing this is absolutely necessary for ANY electrical work you might do in your home. Everything involved in the job must be compliant to code and installed correctly. Permits must be pulled when required. If not, you could be putting your and your home at serious risk. Faulty electrical work can lead to house fires, serious injury and even death. If not done right the first time, you’ll have to pay someone to pull it all out and do it again.

3. Always hire a licensed electrician.

For all the reasons stated above, you should always hire a licensed electrician to install new wiring or do any electrical repairs. You want a trained, experienced and knowledgeable professional working in your home. Electricians know current electrical and building code requirements and can obtain permits for the job. They will do the job more efficiently so it’s done safely which is the most important.

Electricians in Calgary

CodeRad Electrical Ltd. offers a full spectrum of electrical services for residential and commercial projects. From rewiring a home, electrical repairs to home renovations and home automation systems. They’re dedicated to code quality and customer satisfaction.

If you need an electrician, contact CodeRad Electrical!


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