4 ways to utilize glide-out shelves in your home 

Typically, glide-out shelving is used in the busiest rooms of a home, such as a kitchen, pantry or bathroom. These are the areas in the home that are either in need of more space or most commonly, more storage. That being said, there are a lot of other rooms and spaces in the home that can benefit from the addition of glide-out shelves.

ShelfGenie of Edmonton is the foremost provider of glide-out shelving solutions. They share some of the other ways and benefits to using glide-out shelving in your home:

1. Entertainment  

Having an entertainment space in your home is the perfect way to enjoy as many family movie nights as you want. However, the last thing you want is a cluttered space with a daunting wall of movies staring you down in a disorganized collection. Glide-out shelving, however, can both organize the space, as well as turn it into a feature focus. To organize movies, use a two in one drawer combination, such as the drawer in a drawer glide-out shelf. This way you can get two rows of movies in one drawer but without the clutter.

Larger electronics, such as gaming consoles or DVD players, can be kept out of sight when not in use. Double height glide-out drawers will allow you to easily access the consoles and double up on storage with two different heights.

2. Make a large kitchen manageable 

If you love to cook or host friends for dinner, then a large kitchen is the perfect space. There’s plenty of space to cook and chat with people, as well as plenty of storage space. On the other hand, there can be such a thing as too much space. Dead space anywhere is wasted potential, but especially so in a kitchen. In a small kitchen, glide-out shelves are a great way to make the most of the space available, but they can also just as easily make too much space manageable.

If your kitchen has a large pantry, then adding glide-out shelves maximizes the space by adding tall pullouts, drawers, and sliding shelves. Everything will have a place, and even the taller shelves will be reachable. Triple height pull outs will let you create space for trash and recycling to keep the floor space open. If you have lots of baking trays and cutting boards, then a glide-out tray bin height is ideal. That way you can easily store and access all the items without hassle.

3. Organize space for your garage workshop 

Even if you have a large garage, storing your car inside is going to take up a chunk of space, so maximizing what room you do have is key. In addition to glide-out shelving being installed into cabinets, they can also be retrofitted to furniture. Specifically, bookshelves and hutches can be retrofitted with glide-out drawers. Glide-out bookshelves create an ideal space along the walls where any tools, supplies or equipment can easily be stored and accessed. Hutches, on the other hand, can easily double up as both storage and the perfect workspace. With both counter space and drawers, you can keep art supplies, woodwork or mechanical tools. The choice is yours! Need more garage storage ideas? Check out these great ways to maximize space.

4. Create a kid-friendly station

For households with children, use glide-out shelves to create a special space for the kids. The end of a kitchen island has plenty of potential storage space, or allocate a lowered section of the counter that is the perfect height. The concealed storage makes the most out of the space, while still being the perfect height for kids to access. Depending on what their interests are, anything from baking supplies to arts and crafts can be kept here. Just don’t forget to add soft close rails to avoid any slamming!

Closet and Storage Solutions in Edmonton 

At ShelfGenie, their goal is to take away all stress and frustration from their customers by providing easy, storage solutions. Anytime you work with them, they provide custom solutions that will match exactly what you and your home needs. They are dedicated to offering professional and quality service and care, every time.

Contact ShelfGenie today for a free and no-obligation consultation!

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