3 Major custom renovation ideas for your forever home

Renovating your home is a great way to update or improve the functionality of a room or space or simply to get it ready to sell. But a custom renovation is all about renovating your current home, into your forever dream home. The changes you make now are all about being flexible and adaptable as you move through new phases of life.    

Kay 2 Contracting in Edmonton are experts when it comes to home and custom renovations. They share some suggestions for custom renovations for a forever home:

1. Use custom materials and design 

If you are taking the time to customize your renovations for yourself, then why not also allow yourself to splurge a little? Adding little touches of your style or dream wants is all part of investing in your forever home. You could build a custom addition with a room just for you, whether that’s a library, reading room or studio. Or, you can custom design a new staircase railing or feature fireplace for your living room.

Bathroom renovations are a great place to customize into a home spa, so make use of some custom materials. Try heated flooring, a waterfall showerhead or even a walk-in shower. If it’s your master bathroom, make it a real feature with stone countertops and custom vanities.

2. Redesign your kitchen for you

Kitchen renovations are another highly popular choice to renovate but don’t renovate just for appearance’s sake. Just because open concept kitchens are in, doesn’t mean that’s the layout you want. Are you a hobby chef? Then go for a real master chef-worthy space, with lots of cooking space and appliances. Is your family all about social gatherings and hanging out? If so, add a kitchen island or U-shaped layout. That way, you have room for everyone to move around, but also sit and chat.

Don’t forget to also include universal design and storage with things such as low countertops, lower storage, and rounded corners. That way, your design is friendly for all ages, but most importantly it’ll be useful to you farther down the road.

3. Make the most of dead space

Think of dead space in your home as untapped potential for new uses. Dead space can be anything from your attic, the space under your stairs or a section in your kitchen. Instead of leaving it, fill the space with something useful! If you need storage, then under-stair storage is perfect. Likewise, you can install a smaller office nook there instead. The kitchen space can be used to add a custom wine rack, or push the section out and add space or a breakfast nook. Check out these ideas for getting the most use out of dead space in your home.

Attics also have a lot of potential beyond just convenient storage. If there is space enough up there, it could be transformed into an extra guest bedroom, a play place for your kids or grandkids, or want a second living room with skylights. The possibilities are there, they just need a little custom touch! Just keep in mind that your renovations are for you, so think of what you need or want and go for it!

Major Renovations in Edmonton 

Kay 2 Contracting is dedicated to ensuring their customers are satisfied with every and any project or dream. They offer full-service renovations, from custom to room specific. They pride themselves on quality, expertise, and understanding of their client’s needs and budgets. When you work with them, you are guaranteed to have all your needs and dreams met, without breaking the budget.

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