5 questions to ask yourself before starting any major renovations

Whether you’re adding a new addition to your home or just renovating a bathroom design “before” build is crucial if you’re looking to have a project come in on budget and if you’re looking to have a decent reno experience. Design “before” build affords you the time to exhaust all options with materials and lay out possibilities, the design phase is created to give you a detailed and thought out concept and scope of work which then allows you to get accurate costing on the project.

Little Star Renovations in Vancouver are experts when it comes to major renovations, planning and design. They share some questions to ask your self before the renovations start:

1. What’s your budget?

Without knowing your budget we cant give you our honest and professional feed back of weather we feel your budget aligns with the build plans. Knowing your budget is one of the most important questions for any contractor can ask, if you haven’t embarked on a reno journey before then your thoughts on what the cost might be may not be current and realistic with “ actual” costs, if the budget aligns with the plans you have then great, if they do not then a tough conversation might need to be had were in ether the scope shrinks or the budget gets increased . there is no point venturing down the design road if your not aware of what the real costs may be.

2. What is driving the renovation decision?

It is important to know why! For us, a renovation plan is treated differently depending on many factors. For example, is this your forever home? if this is the case then we would encourage you to think long term, to not cheap out on things you might regret down the road, if the home is transitional then we would advise to maybe not renovate for you and your likes but focus on finishes that appeal to the general demographic.

3. What is the new purpose of each room? 

This one ties into knowing which room you are renovating, because the purpose of the room may change from renovating. If you are adding a new deck for an exterior renovation, is it for the family? Or is it for a new entertainment space? Are you renovating the kitchen to update the look, do an open concept, or to create a chef haven? Knowing the purpose of each room will help you choose the design and look of the room before construction and not during. It will also help narrow down what fixtures and appliances you need to buy or want installed, so you can add that to the budget and construction plan.

4. Pick your flooring based on design and needs 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a nice new floor, and in fact the right flooring can go a long way towards really putting the finishing touch on a room. That being said, beyond just floor design, you also want a floor that will live up to your needs. If you want hardwood flooring but have pets or kids, is the floor at risk of being damaged? If it is, you can consider laminate or vinyl flooring instead as a durable option. Keep in mind that even simple floor choices may also affect the design layout, especially if you are going for certain style, such as modern or traditional. Read these guides to helping choose the best flooring for each room.

5. Do you have a plan B? 

Ideally, we hope your renovation goes off without a hitch but let’s be honest here! That’s just not reality!

You should be prepared and not shocked when bumps in the reno road occur, it could be anything from materials showing up damaged, to tradespeople having to take time away from the job for personal reasons, every hic-up reflects often in delays to the schedule. There also can be unforeseen surprises hidden behind the walls like rot bad plumbing etc., it’s important you have a contingency set aside for such an occurrence.

Major Renovations in Vancouver 

Little Star Renovations have built themselves on absolute honesty and care when it comes to their customers. That is why, when it comes time to transform your home and make your renovation dreams a reality, they are the professionals to call. With a team as passionate and dedicated to their trade as they are to their customers, you won’t go wrong choosing them.

Contact Little Star Renovations today or in the future for any renovation needs.

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